Serra da Chela

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Satellite Image of Serra da Chela

The Serra da Chela is a mountain range in south-central Angola. The mountains, rising to 2,306 meters, are among the highest in the country.[1] It is part of the Great Escarpment, separating the Huíla Plateau of the interior from the low-lying coastal Namib Desert. The scarp face is precipitous, several thousand feet high. To its west there are some inselbergs, remnants of the plateau from a time when it was more extensive.[2] In many places impassable, the escarpment may be accessed by the road running east from Capangombe to Humpata on the plateau.[3]


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Coordinates: 15°29′58″S 13°29′41″E / 15.499341°S 13.494644°E / -15.499341; 13.494644