Serra do Cachimbo

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Serra do Cachimbo
Cachimbo Mountains
Serra do Cachimbo is located in Brazil
Serra do Cachimbo
Serra do Cachimbo
Country Brazil
State Pará

Serra do Cachimbo (English: Cachimbo Mountains) is a low mountain range in Brazil, in the southern part of the state of Pará, located mostly in the municipalities of Altamira, Itaituba, Jacareacanga, and Novo Progresso.

The Serra do Cachimbo complex is partly a continuous mass of mountains with a south west alignment, partly plateau with flat-bottomed valleys. Altitude ranges from 250 to 740 metres (820 to 2,430 ft) above sea level.[1] Erosion has created ridges and ravines. In the northern part there are escarpments along the transition to the peripheral depression of southern Pará, where the rivers descend in rapids and waterfalls such as the Salto do Curuá.[1]

The Nascentes da Serra do Cachimbo Biological Reserve covers part of the range.[1] The southwest of the Rio Novo National Park is dominated by the Serra do Cachimbo, rising to 500 to 650 metres (1,640 to 2,130 ft), with a sharp escarpment forming its northern face.[2] The Iriri River rises in the Serra do Cachimbo and flows for 900 kilometres (560 mi) before joining the Xingu River. It is the main river of the 3,373,134 hectares (8,335,200 acres) Terra do Meio Ecological Station.[3]

Campo de Provas Brigadeiro Velloso is a large complex of the Brazilian Armed Forces, administrated by the Brazilian Air Force, located in Serra do Cachimbo. The complex includes the Cachimbo Airport.



Coordinates: 10°11′S 54°28′W / 10.183°S 54.467°W / -10.183; -54.467