Serra do Pardo National Park

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Serra do Pardo National Park is a national park of Brazil. It is located in the state of Pará and covers an area of 447,342 hectares and a perimeter of 317 km. It is administered by IBAMA.[1]


To preserve natural ecosystems, facilitate scientific research and the development of education activities and environmental interpretation, recreation in contact with the nature and ecological tourism.

Cultural and historical aspects[edit]

Serra do Pardo National Park, created through the decree of 17 February 2005, covers an area of 445,392 hectares.[2] The area possesses important natural elements including mountains, different types of vegetation and rivers. This category of conservation area allows the area to be opened for public visitation, presenting the potential for development of tourism activities. Such activities can directly benefit the local community through the generation of jobs and, indirectly, by means of the development of the commerce and the local infrastructure. The area has been the scene of much deforestation and many land ownership conflicts.[3]


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Coordinates: 5°28′49″S 52°59′21″W / 5.48028°S 52.98917°W / -5.48028; -52.98917