Serranópolis de Minas

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Location of Serranópolis de Minas in the state of Minas Gerais

Serranópolis de Minas is a municipality in the northern region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The population in 2007 was 4,515.


The municipality has an area of 553 km². The elevation is 555 meters. It became a municipality in 1997. The postal code (CEP) is 39518-000. Serranópolis de Minas is part of the statistical microregion of Janaúba.

The municipality contains part of the 49,830 hectares (123,100 acres) Serra Nova State Park, created in 2003.[1]


The main economic activities are cattle raising (12,000 head in 2006) and farming with a modest production of corn, citrus fruits, bananas, coffee, cotton, and sorghum. In the urban area there were no financial institutions as of 2006. There were 60 automobiles, giving a ratio of about one automobile for every 70 inhabitants. The Gross Domestic Product was R$ 10,494,000.00 (2005) a year, which was mainly generated by services and agriculture. Health care was provided by 3 public health clinics. There were no private hospitals as of 2005.

Farm Data for 2006[edit]

  • Producers: 533
  • Area: 24,855 ha.
  • Area planted in crops: 1,000 ha.
  • Area of natural pasture: 14,600 ha.
  • Area of woodland and forest: 7,800 ha.
  • Persons occupied related to the producer: 1,145
  • Salaried workers not related to the producer: 109
  • Establishments with tractors: 18
  • Number of tractors: 20

Municipal Human Development Index[edit]

Serranópolis de Minas was in the bottom tier of the poorest municipalities in Minas Gerais

  • MHDI: .655 (2000)
  • State ranking: 730 out of 853 municipalities as of 2000
  • National ranking: 3,695 out of 5,138 municipalities as of 2000

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Coordinates: 15°48′24.2″S 42°52′22″W / 15.806722°S 42.87278°W / -15.806722; -42.87278