Serrano River

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Serrano River
The Cordillera del Paine and Serrano River at Sunset.jpg
The Cordillera del Paine and Serrano River at Sunset.
Country Chile
Physical characteristics
Main source Del Toro Lake
River mouth Última Esperanza Sound
Length 38 km (24 mi)[1]
Basin features
Basin size 6,673 km2 (2,576 sq mi)[1]

Coordinates: 51°24′40″S 73°04′59″W / 51.411°S 73.083°W / -51.411; -73.083

Serrano River is a river located in the Magallanes Region of Chile. Its main tributary is Grey River. The Serrano Glacier is an attraction on the river. The waters of the Serrano River eventually reach Seno Ultima Esperanza.

The Chilean scientific agency CEQUA confirmed an infestation of the algae Didymo in the Serrano River in early 2015.

Area prehistory[edit]

Several significant elements of prehistory have been found in the region. Notably not far from the southern area of the river's mouth is situated the Cueva del Milodon, a cave where evidence of prehistoric man's habitation has been found, illustrating arrival of humans approximately 10,000 BC.[2]

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