Serratus Mountain

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Serratus Mountain
Highest point
Elevation 2,321 m (7,615 ft)
Prominence 291 m (955 ft)
Coordinates 49°47′34″N 123°18′7″W / 49.79278°N 123.30194°W / 49.79278; -123.30194Coordinates: 49°47′34″N 123°18′7″W / 49.79278°N 123.30194°W / 49.79278; -123.30194
Location British Columbia, Canada
Parent range Tantalus Range, Coast Mountains
Topo map NTS 92G/14
First ascent 1911 B. Darling; S. Davies; A. Morkill
Easiest route Class 3,4 (scrambling)

Serratus Mountain is a jagged, ridge-like mountain between Mount Tantalus (North) and Lake Lovely Water (South). Like most other peaks in the Tantalus Range, it is composed of loose rock. Most routes here are scrambles. The mountain is a standard single-day destination from the Jim Haberl hut.


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