Servant of the People (political party)

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Servant of the People

Слуга народа
LeaderIvan Bakanov
FounderIvan Bakanov[1]
Founded31 March 2018
Big tent
Political positionCatch-all
European affiliationNone
International affiliationNone
SloganServant of the People
Verkhovna Rada
0 / 450

Servant of the People (Ukrainian: Слуга народу, translit. Sluha Narodu) is a Ukrainian political party which was officially registered at the Ministry of Justice on 31 March 2018.[3] The party has the same name as the Ukrainian TV hit Servant of the People made by the TV production company Kvartal 95.[1][3] Party leader is Kvartal 95 lawyer Ivan Bakanov.[1] At the time Kvartal 95 created the party they claimed it was important to do so so that nobody stole the name of the eponymous series for "cynical political purposes".[4]

Legally, the party is the successor of the "Party of Decisive Change" (Ukrainian: Партія рішучих змін).[4][5]

In a December 2017, Razumkov Centre opinion poll the party scored 4%.[6] (Ukrainian parliamentarian elections have a 5% electoral election threshold[7][8]). In an April 2018 "RATING" opinion poll for the 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary election 9% of respondents stated they would vote for the party.[8] In a June 2018 poll by "RATING" the party gained 10.4%.[9]

The star of the TV show Servant of the People Volodymyr Zelensky did state late December 2018 that he was a member of the party and that it was political active.[10][11] He added that he was then not yet ready to name other members of the party.[10] A planned visit to the party office, located in the Kiev law office of the firm "Kachura Lawyers", by Ukrayinska Pravda in October 2018 was denied by a party member (who refused to give his surname) because he did not have permission of the owners of the law firm to let people in.[4]


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