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Logo of the Servants of the Light

Servants of the Light is a modern-day Western Mystery School which teaches the esoteric sciences through correspondence.[1] They currently are not taking any new students due to restructure work on the lessons.


Servants of the Light, short called: SOL was founded in 1965 by British occultist and author W. E. Butler.[2][3] He received his training in Dion Fortune's Fraternity of the Inner Light,[4] which in turn stemmed from The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He was also trained by the psychic Robert King. Mr Butler served as Director of Studies until his death in 1978 when he was succeeded by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki. Servants of the Light is now led by Dr Steven Critchley who is the third Director of Studies of the school.[5]


The stated purpose of the SOL is to assist in spreading esoteric knowledge in an ethical manner to all who want to receive it, regardless of religious denomination, gender, nationality, race, age, social position or income. All who desire to do so should be able to study the Mysteries, the true inner spiritual heritage of the West.[6]


The primary vehicle for teaching that the SOL uses is Hermetic Qabalah which is taught in the context of the western esoteric tradition.[7]

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