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Private company
Founded 2003, Belgium
Founder Maarten Van Laere
Headquarters Zaventem, Belgium
Number of locations
Area served
Products Sensors, base units and software
Brands ServersCheck, BTS Monitoring
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ServersCheck is an international company that manufactures sensors, base unit and software to monitor critical facilities. With its offices in Europe, North America and Asia, ServersCheck serves more than 6,000 customers around the world with its hardware and software. Its solutions are available to companies of any size (but not to consumers). The company focuses on following industries: data center, server room, telecom infrastructure and healthcare facilities.


ServersCheck is specialised in critical facilities monitoring solutions. Its hardware and software enable companies to monitor the environment, power, security and industrial systems in their facilities. Products are marketed under the ServersCheck and BTS Monitoring brands. Other companies are known to carry the products under their own brands as an OEM from ServersCheck.


  • 2003 : ServersCheck is founded by Maarten Van Laere[3] in Leuven (Belgium)
  • 2004 : Launch of the ServersCheck Monitoring Software
  • 2010 : Launch of its first hardware product: the Sensorgateway, an IP based temperature sensor
  • 2012 : Introduction of the BTS Monitoring brand, its portfolio of sensors for the telecom market
  • 2013 : Its first wireless sensors are marketed
  • 2014 : Availability of its Saas based cloud platform for centrally monitoring sensors
  • 2015 : The world’s first 2G/3G/4G base unit for infrastructure monitoring sensors is introduced
  • 2016 : Thermal Imaging sensor is launched[4][better source needed]


ServersCheck is an international company with operations in Europe, North America and Asia. It is headquartered in Zaventem, Belgium.

Its hardware R&D is done out of Asia where its main manufacturing is located.[5] Also from Asia it provides its first line sales and after sales support to customers.

North America is home to its main logistic operations (Traverse City, Michigan) and to its sales support for large accounts. To serve US Government agencies, it offers special TAA compliant versions of its products.[6]


ServersCheck has several patents pending for its hardware and software technology. It is also notorious for having created several new technologies, some even game changing like its Thermal camera imaging sensor or the world's first 2G/3G/4G base unit for sensors.

When it introduced in 2010 its first generation of Sensorgateways, ServersCheck became the first vendor in the world to offer a complete solution to monitoring server rooms. By combining its Monitoring Software with its sensors. ServersCheck customers could not only monitor the inside of their systems but also the conditions in which they operate (temperature, humidity, water leakage, ..)

In 2016 it launched the world's first SNMP & Modbus thermal imaging sensor[7] This sensor replaces traditional sensors used in data centers to monitor temperature of equipment. With a single sensor it is available to monitor temperature in 4800 points using Infrared thermal imaging sensing.


ServersCheck has over the years won multiple industry awards for its products.

  • 2008 : Best Networking Product by Nikkei Business Publications in Japan[8]
  • 2009 : Interop Las Vegas – Finalist Best of Interop for its Monitoring Appliance[9]
  • 2010 : WindowsNetworking Readers' Choice Award
  • 2012 : WindowsNetworking Readers' Choice Award


Originally ServersCheck published a monitoring software enabling companies to monitor their systems' availability and performance.[10] The company suffered from to the proliferation of illegal copies of its software.[11] This was in part caused by Suggestions provided by Google. Subsequently it sued Google after failing to amicably resolve the issue. This landmark case got broad international coverage as it was the first time a company sued Google for encouraging piracy; in this case through its Google Suggest feature. Google won the legal proceedings including on Appeal on technical grounds and not on merits.[12][13]

Due to the decline of its software sales, the company performed a turn-around in 2010. It would no longer focusing on its software and instead develop its own portfolio of hardware devices. As a result, its former flagship product, the Monitoring Software, was made available as a freeware product.[14] The newly launched hardware devices monitor the conditions in which systems operate. Through the SNMP protocol the devices integrate with any Network Monitoring Systems, DCIM[disambiguation needed] tool. Using Modbus TCP, the devices integrate with Building Management System.

This successful turn-around, from a software to a hardware company, has enabled ServersCheck to grow to become a multinational company with operations in Europe, North America and Asia.[5][15]


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