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Industry Infrastructure Monitoring
Founded Leuven, Belgium (2003)
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Key people
Maarten Van Laere (Founder and CEO)
Products ServersCheck Monitoring Software, ServersCheck Sensors, InfrastructureMonitoring Cloud, BTS Monitoring

ServersCheck is a Belgian based and privately owned technology company founded in 2003 manufacturing infrastructure monitoring solutions.

Under the brand name ServersCheck, it markets sensors and software for monitoring data centers and server rooms. Under the brand name BTS Monitoring, it provides sensors for monitoring telecom cell sites and distributed equipment rooms.

ServersCheck started in 2003 with its software program monitoring the availability and performance of servers and other networked devices. In 2005 it added a range proprietary serial based sensors to monitor the conditions in which the IT equipment operates. In 2010 a new generation of sensors was launched using SNMP as a communication protocol instead of its proprietary serial protocol. In December 2013 it introduced wireless sensors, especially designed for data centers.

Infrastructure Sensors[edit]

SensorGateway, the sensor base unit

The input for DCIM tools is provided by sensors that monitor the environmental conditions in which systems operate. ServersCheck offers a modular solution built-upon its Sensorgateway, a standalone PoE & SNMP ready temperature sensor with built-in webserver and alerting via email & sms.

The base unit supports up to 2 external sensors probes or up to 8 external probes with the optional Sensorhub. With the Wireless Hub, the Sensorgateway can support from one device up to 30 sensors.

It offers following wired sensors that can be connected to the base unit: temperature, temperature+humidity, flooding, power failure, shock, sound, dry contact, security sensor (smoke, motion, door contact).

Wireless sensors are based on the Zigbee protocol. Following wireless sensors are available from the company: temperature, temperature+humidity.

ServersCheck Monitoring Software[edit]

ServersCheck Monitoring Software
ServersCheck screenshot
Developer(s) ServersCheck BVBA
Stable release 10.3.1 / October, 2013
Operating system Windows 8/7/2012/2008
Type Network Management

The software monitors the availability and performance of networked devices such as servers, routers and switches.

ServersCheck is capable of monitoring almost any device connected to an IP based network. It can perform traditional network related checks (TCP, PING, traceroute) but can also be used to monitor a wide variety of other checks such as internet related checks (url, email chain, database checks, Windows checks (diskspace, CPU, memory, process, services). The system runs on Windows based systems (XP/2000/2003) and is being administrated through a browser. When the software detects a failure then alerts can be generated in different forms: SMS (text messages), email, MSN or network message. Historical observation is possible by using the built-in trend analysis capabilities.

The software can be operated in 24 languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Afrikaans, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese.

Based on a poll of administrator's most popular trouble shooting tools, the ServersCheck Monitoring was selected by the Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine as one of the Best of the Best Tools.

A freeware version of the monitoring software is available for downloaded from its website at

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