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Formerly called
ServiceMagic (1998–2012)
Industry Local homeowner services
Founded December 1998 (1998-12)
Founder Rodney Rice, Michael Beaudoin
Headquarters Golden, Colorado
Key people
Chris Terrill, CEO
Services Home improvement marketplace
Number of employees
Parent IAC
Website www.homeadvisor.com

HomeAdvisor is a website that lists pre-screened and customer-rated service professionals.[1] The website also has tools, products, and resources for home improvement, maintenance, and repair. HomeAdvisor is a subsidiary of IAC.

Professionals in the HomeAdvisor network are pre-screened for criminal records, bankruptcy issues, bad reviews, sex offenses, and cases of malpractice.[2] Homeowners choose a category that matches their home improvement needs, enter their full address or adjacent cross-streets and contact information and answer three pages of questions about their project.[3]

HomeAdvisor comprehensive list of tools includes ProFinder, Pro Reviews, Cost Guide, Instant Booking and DesignMine.[4] Access to all of the site’s features is free to homeowners, with no membership fees. Additionally, the field service management software mHelpDesk helps professionals streamline their business through scheduling, managing, and invoicing tools.[5]

HomeAdvisor is headquartered in Golden, Colorado and has offices in Lenexa, KS, New York, NY, Indianapolis, IN,[6] Downtown Denver, CO [7] and Colorado Springs, CO[8] In 2014, HomeAdvisor was named one of The Denver Post’s Top Workplaces for the second year in a row and a finalist for the Colorado Technology Company of the Year award.[9][10] Built In Colorado named HomeAdvisor the largest digital tech employer in Colorado.[11]


ServiceMagic was launched in December 1998.[12] The website, ServiceMagic.com, went live in 1999.[13] The website was acquired by InterActiveCorp in 2004.[14]

ServiceMagic bought out a key competitor, ImproveNet, in 2005 for $6.7 million.[15]


In January 2008, IAC/InterActiveCorp appointed Craig Smith as CEO of ServiceMagic, Inc.[16] He was the Senior Vice President of the company's Consumer Division. Co-founders Rodney Rice and Michael Beaudoin became co-chairmen and advisors. ServiceMagic remained part of the parent company when IAC split into five publicly traded companies.

In March 2008, Service Magic launched ScreenAPro,[17] which allows homeowners to screen contractors.

In October 2008, ServiceMagic US acquired the French business 123Devis.com and Travaux.com as well as UK business 123GetAQuote.co.uk, businesses founded by Jean-David Habib, to create ServiceMagic Europe. In March 2009, the UK business was rebranded ServiceMagic.co.uk.

In April 2009, Service Magic announced that it had formed a "strategic alliance" with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) that would benefit both groups by bringing in more customers.[18]

As of 2011, ServiceMagic has more than 1,100 employees.[19]

In April 2011, Chris Terrill was hired as Chief Executive Officer.[20]

In October 2012, ServiceMagic rebranded as HomeAdvisor with Amy Matthews as their Home Improvement Expert.[1][21]

In October 2012, HomeAdvisor launched Cost Guide, a comprehensive guide to home project cost profiles encompassing hundreds of project types, providing city, state and national project costs based on 600,000 cost profiles provided by real users and Home911, a mobile app that enables users to take control of any home repair emergency by giving instant access to pre-screened service professionals and live 24/7 support with the Home911 Homeowner Emergency Line, currently available on iOS.[5]

In April 2013, it was announced that HomeAdvisor had acquired Werkspot.nl, the Netherlands’ leading online platform connecting homeowners with qualified craftsmen.[22]

In April 2013, HomeAdvisor placed 14th on the Denver Post's Top Workplaces of 2013.[23]

In December 2013, HomeAdvisor was chosen by Google to be a featured partner with Helpouts by Google.[24]

Throughout 2013, HomeAdvisor was noted for having one of the best DIY apps by Popular Mechanics[25] and being a top service for finding home improvement professionals by 5280 Magazine.[26]

In early 2014, HomeAdvisor added Leah Ingram as their finance expert.[27]

In January 2014, HomeAdvisor's Women Executive Leadership and Learning program was recognized alongside Offerpop's Ladies for Offerpop, as a program to increase female employee retention in the male-dominated technology industry.[28]

March 2014, HomeAdvisor CEO, Chris Terrill was interviewed by Built in Colorado on the topic of how HomeAdvisor operates as a website.[29]

November 2014, Built In Colorado named HomeAdvisor the largest digital tech employer in Colorado [11]

January 20, 2015, HomeAdvisor launches on-demand scheduling, Instant Booking [4]

October 10, 2016, HomeAdvisor acquires German home services company, MyHammer. [30]

October 19, 2016, HomeAdvisor integrates with Facebook Pages [31] to allow homeowners to book a home service professional from within Facebook.

February 9, 2017, HomeAdvisor acquires leading Canadian home services platform, HomeStars. [32]


HomeAdvisor provides homeowner a number of tools to tackle home improvement and repair projects. They offer products such as True Cost Guide and DesignMine. Most recently, HomeAdvisor launched Instant Booking. Instant Booking allows homeowners to instantly schedule appointments and view pricing for over 500 home repair and improvement projects.[33]

In 2016, HomeAdvisor announced integration of HomeAdvisor’s platform and/or app with Amazon’s Echo,[34] Apple TV,[35] Facebook Messenger [36] and Facebook Pages.[37] All three integrations allow homeowners to find HomeAdvisor professionals within the associated app.

HomeAdvisor is also available for consumers and service professionals on mobile for both Android and iOS.[38]

Parent company[edit]

HomeAdvisor is owned by IAC, a publicly traded company, that owns other online companies such as Urbanspoon and Vimeo among many others. In November 2015, IAC CEO Joey Levin wrote to Angie’s List, a HomeAdvisor competitor, an unsolicited offer of purchase. IAC proposed a $500 million buy out of Angie’s List. At the time, Angie’s List stock was valued at $7.92, the offer was at a 10 percent premium.[39] Upon the offer, Angie’s List stock increased to $8.77.[40] Ultimately, Angie’s List declined the offer.

In an investor call reporting the quarter ending in December 31, 2015, IAC announced that HomeAdvisor would be reporting its earning in its own IAC segment.[41] HomeAdvisor was formerly in IAC’s e-commerce segment.[42]

HomeAdvisor International[edit]

HomeAdvisor owns four subsidiaries in Europe, Travaux, Werkspot, Instapro and MyHammer. HomeAdvisor recently acquired Canadian home services platform, HomeStars.

Travaux.com, acquired by HomeAdvisor in 2008, is France’s leading online marketplace connecting homeowners with home improvement service providers.[43]

Werkspot, acquired by HomeAdvisor in 2013, is The Netherlands’ leading online marketplace connecting homeowners with home improvement service providers. In addition to The Netherlands, Werkspot also has a presence in an increasing number of other European countries under the name Instapro.[44]

In October of 2016, HomeAdvisor acquired MyHammer, a top website for helping consumers locate tradespeople and service providers in Europe. MyHammer also operates in the UK and Austria.[45]

In February of 2017, HomeAdvisor announced the acquisition of HomeStars, Canada’s leading home services platform connecting homeowners with service providers throughout Canada.[46]


A couple reports have questioned the screening process of HomeAdvisor, pointing out loopholes available to contractors that have been used by criminals. Denver investigative reporter Heidi Hemmat uncovered a gap in the company’s screening process that could give consumers a false sense of security.[47]

For example, one case in Austin, Texas involved a HomeAdvisor trusted contractor that left unfinished home improvement work after taking a deposit in 2014. It was later found the contractor had been sued 17 times since 2002. A company spokesperson said the website only screens for lawsuits from the day contractors sign up for its service. The screening only goes back one year for civil judgments and it never re-screens contractors again.[48]

From the contractor's standpoint, the onus is upon the contractor to apply for credit for duplicate leads and/or those with faulty contact information. There is a 30 day limitation to receive credit for duplicate lead and/or faulty information lead. The lead in question must be pointed out to HomeAdvisor in order to receive credit and under no circumstance will a refund be given beyond the 30 day window.[49]

The Better Business Bureau currently (December 2016) has over 900 complaints but gives the company an A+ rating. https://www.bbb.org/denver/business-reviews/referral-contractor/homeadvisor-in-lakewood-co-22000608

Senior executives[edit]

  • Chris Terrill, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Craig Smith, President of HomeAdvisor U.S./COO (Chief Operating Officer) of HomeAdvisor International
  • Brandon Ridenour, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) & CPO (Chief Product Officer)
  • Paul Freeman, CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Allison Lowrie, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

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