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Services Sports Control Board

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Services Sports Control Board
CategoryMilitary sports
JurisdictionIndian Armed Forces
Founded1919 (1919)
Headquarters'A' Block, Defence Offices Complex, KG Marg Armed Forces Headquarters, Ministry of Defence
LocationNew Delhi, India
Official website

Services Sports Control Board (SSCB) is a sports board run by the Indian Armed Forces. It was formed in 1919 as the Army Sports Control Board and later renamed to Services Sports Control Board. The board is represented as Services in the National Games of India, Durand Cup, and multiple regional sports events. It has been one of the leading medal winners in the National Games.

As a member of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, it governs the sport of cricket in the Indian Armed Forces and administers the Services cricket team.[1] In addition to having several other sports departments, it is also an associate member of the All India Football Federation and administers the Services football team.


The organization was first started as the Army Sports Control Board in March 1919, on the same lines as the ASCB in the United Kingdom. The sports organizations of the three services were amalgamated on 3 April 1945 with the approval of the then Commander-in-Chief and the Services Sports Control Board.


The teams of Indian Armed Forces are selected by the SSCB (Services Sports Control Board). These teams are fielded and represented as the Services team in the National Games of India, the World Military Games and various other international sporting events, including the Olympics.[2]

Organizational structure[edit]

In 1947, the Chiefs of Staff Committee approved the reconstitution of the Services Sports Control Board. The three services would run the Services Sports Control Board in rotation for a period of tenure. The tenure involves the change of president and secretary every three years. Presently from 2023,the administering service is Indian Navy.[3]

Commodore Varun Singh of the Indian Navy is the current serving secretary of the SSCB.[3]

SSCB secretaries (1945–present)[edit]

S.No. Rank Name Term began Term ended
1 Lieutenant Colonel B. H. G. Tucher, MBE April 1945 September 1945
2 Lieutenant Colonel G. S. Grimston October 1945 September 1946
3 Lieutenant Colonel H. L. Rodwell October 1946 March 1947
4 Lieutenant Colonel A. E. Wernicke, OBE April 1947 August 1947
5 Major Ed Wilfried January 1949 March 1950
6 Major Swami April 1950 June 1950
7 Major Lachhman Singh July 1950 June 1954
8 Squadron Leader D. L. Springett June 1954 February 1955
9 Wing Commander K. L. Khanna February 1955 November 1958
10 Commander F. Pereira November 1958 January 1962
11 Lieutenant Colonel K. C. Anand June 1962 November 1962
12 Lieutenant Colonel H. R. Adhikari July 1963 March 1966
13 Wing Commander M. Mal April 1966 August 1967
14 Wing Commander R. S. Dhindsa April 1967 March 1970
15 Commander G. Nandy Singh April 1970 March 1974
16 Lieutenant Colonel D. N. Devine Jones April 1974 April 1976
17 Major Darshan Singh April 1976 April 1977
Lieutenant Colonel Darshan Singh April 1977 April 1978
18 Wing Commander S. Durrani, VSM April 1978 March 1982
19 Commander T. Mishra, VSM April 1982 July 1985
20 Commander J. Siga April 1985 April 1986
21 Lieutenant Colonel G. R. C. Nair, VSM May 1986 March 1990
22 Wing Commander G. S. Shaktawat April 1990 October 1992
Group Captain G. S. Shaktawat October 1992 MArch 1994
23 Commander K. S. Randhawa, SC, YSM, NM April 1994 March 1998
24 Colonel G. A. Siddique April 1998 May 2000
25 Colonel Amar Dass Sharma May 2000 March 2002
26 Wing Commander A. K. Jha, ASM April 2001 August 2003
27 Wing Commander M. Baladitya December 2003 May 2005
28 Captain Sukhdev Singh Virk, NM May 2005 January 2006
29 Colonel V. S. Kandari, VSM February 2006 June 2008
30 Colonel P. K. Muralidharan Raja, SM June 2008 January 2009
31 Captain U. K. Thapa, VSM February 2009 February 2011
(27) Group Captain M. Baladitya, VSM February 2011 April 2011
Air Commodore M. Baladitya, VSM April 2011 January 2013
33 Group Captain R. K. Raksha February 2013 February 2014
34 Commodore P. K. Garg May 2014 Apr 2017
(31) Colonel U. K. Thapa, VSM February 2009 February 2011
35 Group Captain M. K. Mishra, VSM May 2020 25 Jul 2021
36 Group Captain Dinesh Suri 26 July 2021 31 Mar 23
37 Commodore Varun Singh, SC 01 Apr 2023 todate


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