Serviceton, Victoria

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Serviceton Railway station.jpg
Platform side of Serviceton railway station
Serviceton is located in Shire of West Wimmera
Coordinates 36°22′0″S 140°59′0″E / 36.36667°S 140.98333°E / -36.36667; 140.98333Coordinates: 36°22′0″S 140°59′0″E / 36.36667°S 140.98333°E / -36.36667; 140.98333
Population 270 (2011 census)[1]
Established 1887
Postcode(s) 3420
Elevation 119 m (390 ft)
LGA(s) Shire of West Wimmera
State electorate(s) Lowan
Federal Division(s) Mallee
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfall
21.2 °C
70 °F
8.1 °C
47 °F
490 mm
19.3 in

Serviceton is a small town in Victoria, Australia, located near the Victorian-South Australian border, 437 kilometres north-west of Melbourne. The town was named after James Service, Premier of Victoria in 1880 and from 1883-86. At the 2011 census, Serviceton and the surrounding area had a population of 270.[1]

When the Victorian and South Australian railways were joined at the old border in 1887, a station was built on the border. The border was intended to be on the 141st meridian east but, owing to a surveying error, border markers were placed 3.6 km west of the meridian. Victoria finally succeeded in having the erroneously surveyed border declared to be the legal border in 1913, and therefore Serviceton is now fully in Victoria. The station is not used but The Overland passes through the town.[2] Nevertheless, the old South Australian Railways, and its successors, the Australian National Railways Commission, the National Rail Corporation and the Australian Rail Track Corporation have continued to own the railway to Serviceton outright. Serviceton Post Office opened on 16 September 1886, from 1908 to 1911 it was known as Serviceton Railway Station. A Serviceton North office on the Western Highway operated from 1911 until 1954 and a Serviceton South office was open briefly in 1926 and 1927.[3]

Town side of the Serviceton railway station

The town is the subject of a Tom Waits song entitled "Town With No Cheer" from his album Swordfishtrombones.[4]

Golfers play at the course of the Serviceton Golf Club on the Adelaide-Melbourne Highway.[5]

Serviceton railway station[edit]

Serviceton Train Station Floor plans

The Serviceton railway station was erected as a junction station between the Serviceton railway line of Victoria and the Adelaide-Wolseley railway line of South Australia.[6]

The tender to build the station was accepted in 1887 at 8449 pounds and 9 shillings. The cost was equally shared between the two states.[6][not in citation given]

The building was completed in 1889 with Horsham made bricks used in construction.[6]

Upstairs and platform level consist of 15 main rooms with the basement level having a similar area for storage. The basement sections were known as Mortuary and Dungeons.[6][not in citation given]

The Serviceton Train Station was used as a Customs House until 3 March 1986[disputed ] when it was closed down.[6][not in citation given]

The building was leased by the Shire of West Wimmera from VLine with a Committee of Management elected from the local community of Serviceton & District who voluntary operate, maintain and preserve it.[6]


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