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Servio is a San Francisco technology company that provides enterprise content services. It was founded by Alex Edelstein and Jordan Ritter in 2009, and originally called CloudCrowd.[1] The CloudCrowd brand continues to be used by the company as its online workspace.[2][3] and uses crowdsourcing concepts. Servio was acquired by CrowdSource [4] in December, 2013.


Content Creation[edit]

Servio creates unique content, including retail product descriptions, health content, and articles.[5]

Content & Page Optimization[edit]

Servio carries out at-scale optimization of existing content, including rewriting, title tag creation, keyword research, interlinking, and image location.[6][7]


Customers include Target, eBay, Healthline, Walmart, and Coca-Cola.[8]


Servio was founded by Alex Edelstein and Jordan Ritter.


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