Sesame Street Stays Up Late!

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Sesame Street Stays Up Late! is a 1993 Sesame Street New Year's Eve television special with guest appearances of characters from the international versions of Sesame Street. This special aired on December 29, 1993 on PBS. It was released on home video as Sesame Street Celebrates Around the World.


Everyone on Sesame Street is preparing to celebrate New Year's Eve. However Telly Monster is the main character in the special, quickly discovers that this means that the current year ends and he is happy with the year as it is. Because he gets afraid that he soon will enter an unknown year, he starts a campaign to prevent the new year to come to Sesame Street.

In the meantime, Elmo is the host of the monster news that shows how New Year's Eve is celebrated around the world. This is done by showing segments created by the Sesame characters from the different co-productions around the world.

Also, during the special, Wolfgang the Seal balances a beach ball on his nose because he was hired to be the Time Square ball. Near the end of the special, the cast did the countdown and Wolfgang removes the ball in slow motion.


Muppet performers[edit]

Additional Muppets performed by Pam Arciero, Jim Kroupa, Peter Linz, Rick Lyon, Noel MacNeal, and Alison Mork.

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