Sesqui Islands

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Sesqui Islands
Location Coronation Gulf
Coordinates 68°17′N 110°43′W / 68.283°N 110.717°W / 68.283; -110.717 (Sesqui Islands)Coordinates: 68°17′N 110°43′W / 68.283°N 110.717°W / 68.283; -110.717 (Sesqui Islands)
Territory Nunavut
Region Kitikmeot
Population Uninhabited

The Sesqui Islands are an island group located in the Coronation Gulf, south of Victoria Island, in the Kitikmeot Region, Nunavut, Canada. Other island groups in the vicinity include the Bate Islands, Jameson Islands, Outpost Islands, Richardson Islands, and Sisters Islands.[1]


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