Sestrimo Hydro Power Plant

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Sestrimo Hydro Power Plant
Sestrimo Hydro Power Plant is located in Bulgaria
Sestrimo Hydro Power Plant
Location of Sestrimo Hydro Power Plant
Coordinates42°12′28″N 23°54′56″E / 42.20778°N 23.91556°E / 42.20778; 23.91556Coordinates: 42°12′28″N 23°54′56″E / 42.20778°N 23.91556°E / 42.20778; 23.91556
Commission date1973
Owner(s)NEK EAD
Thermal power station
Primary fuelHydropower
Power generation
Units operational3
Nameplate capacity240 MW

The Sestrimo Hydro Power Plant is an active hydro power project in the eastern Rila mountains near Sestrimo village, Bulgaria. Water is supplied by the Belmeken Dam to three turbines[1] with a nominal output of around 80 MW which will deliver up to 240 MW of power.[2] It is part of the Belmeken-Chaira-Sestrimo Hydropower Cascade. The same reservoir is used for pumped storage with the Chaira Hydro Power Plant.