Sestroretsk railway station (1871–1924)

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Sestroretsk Russian: Сестрорецк
regional rail
Sestrorezk old railroad station map.jpg
The 1900s (decade) Station is long dismantled but its characteristic passage at the northern part repeats its outlines
Coordinates 60°5′54″N 29°58′5″E / 60.09833°N 29.96806°E / 60.09833; 29.96806Coordinates: 60°5′54″N 29°58′5″E / 60.09833°N 29.96806°E / 60.09833; 29.96806
Line(s) Sestroretsk spur line
Connections Miller's line
Structure type at-grade
Opened 1871, 1916
Closed 1886, 1920s

Sestroretsk railway station (Russian: ста́нция Сестроре́цк, stantsiya Sestroretsk) was a railway station in Sestroretsk, Russia handling transportation to northern destinations including Beloostrov and Sestroretsk. The station was built by Finnish State Railways as the railhead feeder of Riihimäki-Saint Petersburg railroad. It was designed by Swedish architects and it opened on 2 November 1871, when the station's first train arrived from Beloostrov.[1] The Sestroretsk spur line was constructed to serve Sestroretsk armory.

Societies of the Sestroretsk railway[edit]

The station was owned and operated by Finnish railways from 1871 to 1873. From 1873 to 1886 it was operated by the private "Societies of the Sestroretsk railway". This company built a new railway line, which was called Miller's line, and connected to the station at Miller's pier.[1] The organization was devastated in the mid-1880s and, on 1 January 1886, the station was closed along with the branch.[1]

World War I[edit]

In 1914, World War I began. Sestroretsk armory was a leading defensive factory and it was necessary to connect it with the country's railway system. In 1916, the station was restored as a freight terminal.[1]


The line did not exist for long. After the revolution Sestroretsk armory had practically stopped production and, in the 1920s, there was a complication of relations between the USSR and Finland. The bridge was blown up and the line was disassembled.

New station[edit]

Later, the part of the line from the bridge straight across the Sestra river was restored and was a part of the Sestroretsk direction.[1] In 1924, a new line was constructed but bypassed this station. The platforms, buildings and structures were taken down to allow the building of new houses in Volodarsky street.[1] The old station was replaced by a new Sestroretsk railway station.

Route maps[edit]

Societies of the Sestroretsk railway,
Miller's line (1873-1886)
0,0 Vyborg line
Up arrow Vyborg
Up arrow Zelenogorsk
Up arrow Solnechnoye
5.9 Sestra crossover
6.6 Beloostrov
0,0 Vyborg line
Down arrow Finlyandsky Rail Term.
Down arrow Lanskaya
Down arrow Pesochny
Sestra river
1.8 Trackside 1871-1886
0,0 SPb-Sestr.-Beloostrov
Down arrow Kurort
Planned ferry line
2.9 Miller's pierGulf of Finland
0,0 Trackside
0,0 SPb-Sestr.-Beloostrov
Up arrow Kurort
2.2 Sestroretsky kurort
0.5 Factory bridgeZav. s.
0.0 Sestroretsk stationSestroretsk (1871-1924)
Sestroretsk armory
lake Rasliw
0,0 planned trackside
Vodoslivnoy channel
1.7 Sestroretsk
1.7 Line Dubki horse-iron road
Right arrow Sestroretsk armory (1847-before 1870)
Left arrow Dubkovsky pier
2.1 Liteyny bridge
3.5 Razliv
line SPb-Sestr.-Beloostrov
Down arrow Finlyandsky Rail Term.
Down arrow Novaya derevnya
Down arrow Tarkhovka
5.7 Tarkhovka pier
Ships to Saint Petersburg(Gulf of Finland)
Distances in kilometers
Miller's line railroad line includes Sestroretsk spur line


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