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The Set-n-Forget deep fryer was designed by the influential Australian racing car designer John Joyce of Bowin Cars fame. In the early 1970s when the demand for racing cars declined in Australia, the Bowin Car company was forced to change its direction from Formula racing cars to commercial goods market. John Joyce believed that typical deep fryer systems were wasteful because they didn’t control portion size and in some cases drained poorly. He also felt it was costly for staff to be standing around tending to the deep-frying food, especially if they are letting a steak burn.

He hoped by automating the frying process he could eliminate some of these shortcomings. It is believed this was the first ever automated deep fryer invented and actively marketed for sale.

Unfortunately, the new type of automated deep fryer did not reach product uptake expectations and the Australian company ceased production of the machines in the mid to late 1970s. Currently no documentation exists detailing the reasons the innovative concept failed to penetrate the commercial catering and kitchen markets.


  • Automatically controls portion size, temperature and frying times.
  • Each canister takes it turn to pass through the cooking medium, rotating as it goes to ensure agitation of the food and therefore even cooking of each serve. When perfectly cooked, the food is drained and the canister rolls into a holding section, within the food stays hot for at least eight minutes.

Technical data[edit]

Power: 3600 Watts
Voltage: 240 Volt 50 Hz AC
Mass: 14 kg
Dimensions: Cabinet base 43 cm × 43 cm; height 35.6 cm
Tank Oil Capacity: 8 Litres (282 fl oz.)
Canister Capacity: 0.6 Litre (23.6 fl oz.)
Cooking Temperature: Up to 240 °C