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Seth Davis
Seth Davis Drumming - 2016 Photo Shoot.png
Background information
Born (1979-07-28) July 28, 1979 (age 39)
Houma, Louisiana
GenresDjent, Industrial music, Progressive rock, Progressive metal Thrash metal
Occupation(s)Drummer, musician
Years active1985–present
Associated actsAbigail's Ghost, Exhorder, Seth Davis Drumming

Seth Davis (born July 28, 1979) is an American drummer and online educator. [1]

From circa 1999 to present, Davis has been an active Clinician and Performance Artist, sharing rosters with other percussion educators, including- Chad Wackerman, Chris Coleman, Chip Ritter, Danny Seraphine, Derek Roddy, Dom Famularo and Mike Mangini. Seth Davis is known for exhibiting his technical drumming abilities as a performance artist through drum clinics, master classes and workshops, as well as online video demonstrations and tutorials via 100+ YouTube [2] videos. Highlighted skill sets include - Hand technique, speed drumming, and writing complex odd-time signature polymetric and polyrhythmic concepts when arranging and composing music, drum solos, and rudimental drumming arrangements. "The Davis Method" is his personalized hand and drum set technique as well as his overall approach to drumming and percussion education and performance. Seth explains his drum method as a 5 part, pronation and supination based technique, with a french timpani grip. While Davis acknowledges and teaches that drumming proficiency is developed through dedication and discipline in a literal (physical sense) with regards to training and practicing on and off the instrument, he accredits mental training as the "secret" for achieving and possibly exceeding one's personal drumming goals through the utilization of specific brain wave cycles, self-hypnosis, selective meditation and creative visualization.

Rankings and records[edit]

Seth became ranked as one of the top 10 fastest extreme sport drummers [3] of the world during the 2002 Warped Tour by the World's Fastest Drummers Org. [4] After being welcomed into what WFD champions refer to as "The Thousand Club" [5] (their elite club for speed drummers) by playing 1000+ single strokes in 60 seconds, he continued to break his initial single stroke speed ranking and went on to set 3 world speed records for the double stroke roll [6] [7] from 2002–2004, establishing himself as a certified and world recognized speed champion. Seth was the first person in history to officially play a clean, open, double stroke roll over the 1000, 1100, and 1200 strokes per minute mark. He co-hosted the WFD competitions from 2005–2006 [8] [9] with fellow speed champion, Mike Mangini at the Nashville, Los Angeles and Indianapolis NAMM Show. Davis' official speed rankings and records: 1005, 1024 and 1044 strokes in 60 seconds for the single stroke competitions. 1021, 1084 and 1200 strokes in 60 seconds for the double stroke category (Both for hand speed) [10]. Seth states his top speed for the single stroke roll is 17 1/2 to 18 strokes per second (applied to the drum set as a rhythmic phrasing) and 20 strokes per second for the double stroke roll. He accredits fellow world speed champions through social media video posts as "the" World's Fastest Drummer Champions who are able to reach and exceed 20 strokes per second while playing a single stroke roll. In 2012, Seth trained a late blooming drummer named Nick Stefano, who had only been playing drums for one year (50+ years of age at the time) to reach his drumming goals and be able to compete in the WFD. Through Davis' advanced drum instruction, Stefano placed third in official competition playing 948 single strokes with an unofficial score of 1022, both, while using the traditional grip [11]. Following a 10 year hiatus from the WFD, Seth reemerged at the 2016 summer NAMM show in Nashville, Tennessee giving an exclusive interview about his experience in the organization, including an introductory speech at the world finals. [12] [13]

Recording and touring[edit]

Davis was the drummer for Berklee College of Music based progressive rock band, Abigail's Ghost [14], from 2004–2006. From 2007 to 2011, Seth performed as a session musician in the downtown area of New Orleans, known as the French Quarter, performing with local artists on the Bourbon Street club circuit. During a 2010 clinic tour, Davis was approached by legendary metallers, Exhorder. He joined the New Orleans based groove metal band in the spring of 2010 [15], touring the U.S. and headlining metal festivals [16] [17] through winter of 2011 performing hits from their two seminal albums - "Slaughter in the Vatican" and "The Law". Chris Nail, the original drummer, wrote and recorded all drum arrangements for the two aforementioned studio albums. In 2016, Seth arranged and released his first instrumental studio album through Seth Davis Drumming titled “The Darkling Throng”. This is the first album in a music series he created called “M.U.S.I.C. – a tribute to modern day composers”, inspired by Neil Peart’s catchphrase, “Make-up something interesting and complimentary”. The recording features various composers with stylistic influences ranging from Art rock, Djent and Industrial music to Progressive rock, Progressive metal and Symphonic metal music genres.


Seth Davis was one of seven celebrity drummers [18] featured at the 9th annual Woodstick Big Beat in Kirkland, Seattle in 2011. The proceeds from the World Record Drum Event went to for purchasing musical instruments for underfunded local schools and to Camp Korey, a camp in Mt. Vernon, Washington to help assist and aid kids battling serious illnesses.


Seth Davis is an endorser of The London Drumstick Company [19]. On February 14, 2019, LDC announced and confirmed via social media that the "Seth Davis" model drumstick was available. The London Drumstick Company specializes in custom drumsticks and are based in London, UK with offices in the United States in Rochester, New Hampshire.


Album Appearances

  • Abigail's Ghost: Selling Insincerity (2007)
  • Seth Davis Drumming: The Darkling Throng (2016)


Seth Davis announced his retirement from drumming in December of 2016 due to non-drumming related physical injuries. On September 13, 2017, Seth announced that he had started training and practicing again as well as collaborating with long-time drum transcriber, Dean McCormick. Online Skype drum lessons are currently being offered to a limited number of students.

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