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Not to be confused with Seth Gueko.
Seth Gecko
From Dusk till Dawn character
Seth Gecko.png
George Clooney as Seth Gecko in From Dusk till Dawn
First appearance From Dusk till Dawn
Last appearance From Dusk till Dawn: The Series
Created by Quentin Tarantino
Robert Kurtzman
Portrayed by George Clooney (films)
D.J. Cotrona (TV series)
Gender Male
Occupation Criminal
Relatives Richie Gecko (brother)

Seth Gecko is the name of two fictional characters in the From Dusk till Dawn film series. The original Seth is the protagonist of the original film, described as a cool, suave, short-fused, sociopathic anti-hero, in the From Dusk till Dawn universe consisting of the 1996 film and its 2001 spin-off video game of the same name. An alternate universe version of the character appears in the TV series. He is portrayed by George Clooney in both the films and the video game and is portrayed by D.J. Cotrona on television.[1]

Film series universe[edit]

Seth Gecko was originally in prison prior to the events of From Dusk till Dawn but was broken out by his younger brother (and partner in crime), Richie: A nerdy, obnoxious, even-shorter-fused, psychopath that only a brother could stand. At the film's opening, they are being hunted by the police for several murders, bank robberies and kidnappings. Despite being a hardened criminal, who robs and kidnaps without compunction, he is shown to have something of a code of honor, only killing when he feels necessary and promising to eventually release a woman he and Richie had taken hostage. He later becomes infuriated when Richie kills the woman instead, saying that Richie had made him break his promise to her.

Movie plot[edit]

In the original film, Seth and his deeply disturbed younger brother Richie have just robbed a bank, and taken one of its female employees as a hostage. When Seth briefly leaves the room, Richie rapes and kills the woman, for which Seth reprimands him. While on the run from the law, he and Richie meet Jacob Fuller and his two children, Kate and Scott. Seth immediately sees that Richie is attracted to Kate, and reassures Jacob that she will be safe as long as they do as they are told. After crossing the border into Mexico, they go to a bar called Titty Twister, where Seth is supposed to meet Carlos, his contact. At the Titty Twister, the strippers transform into vampires and attack the group, along with all the other patrons of the establishment. Richie is turned into a vampire, forcing Seth to kill his own brother. At the end of the film, Carlos arrives and unknowingly rescues them by breaking the door and letting sunlight in, killing the vampires. He is one of the two only survivors, the other being Kate, Jacob's daughter. He offers her some of the cash from the bank robbery and he and the others go to El Rey, leaving Kate with her father's RV, because El Rey would be too dangerous for her.

The Gecko brothers are mentioned in From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money. Bo Hopkins references Edgar McGraw's cold demeanor and distracted nature: "Oh, them Gecko brothers killed his daddy."

Other appearances[edit]

The Gecko brothers briefly appear in a photo cameo in the black comedy Curdled. In additional, Katie Houge, news reporter from the first film, appears, again portrayed by Kelly Preston.

Video games[edit]

In the From Dusk till Dawn video game it is revealed that sometime after the events of the film, Seth is arrested and condemned to life in prison for the murders Richie committed. He is now shown as an inmate of the fictional Rising Sun high-security prison, a converted tanker floating off the coast of New Orleans. Vampires infiltrate the prison by posing as inmates. They murder the transport guards and the warden and begin a rampage. In the chaos, Seth gains a weapon and escapes his cell. Eventually, he manages to kill the vampires and escapes the prison along with the other survivors.

Television series universe[edit]

In late 2013, it was reported that a parallel universe TV series had begun production.[2] This incarnation of Richie will be played by Zane Holtz. Mixing ideals from the original first and third films, the show pits the humans, led by Seth, who will be played by D.J. Cotrona against the vampires, led by the wicked Santanico Pandemonium, played by Eiza Gonzalez and Sheriff McGraw, played by Don Johnson. This series stars Robert Patrick, as Jacob Fuller.[3]


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