Sethrida Geagea

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Sethrida Geagea
ستريدا جعجع
Personal details
Born Sethrida Tawk
(1967-05-13) May 13, 1967 (age 51)
Kumasi, Ghana
Political party Lebanese Forces
Spouse(s) Samir Geagea (m. 1991)
Education Lebanese American University
Political Science

Sethrida Tawk Geagea (Arabic: ستريدا طوق جعجع‎), is a Lebanese politician and MP representing the district of Bsharri.[1]

Early life[edit]

Sethrida Geagea hails from a prominent Maronite Lebanese Tawk family that owned businesses[citation needed] in West Africa (Ghana). Her political activism began while at the Lebanese American University (LAU) and it led to meeting the leader of the Lebanese Forces (LF), Samir Geagea, whom she married in 1991. She earned a BS in Political Science in 1994.

Political career[edit]

When the Lebanese Forces Party was disbanded in 1994 and her husband Samir Geagea was imprisoned, the Syrian hegemonic control dealt the party a crippling blow.[citation needed] However, Mrs. Geagea’s challenge of that reality ushered in a period of struggle and resistance in the face of political intimidation, arrests, and prosecutions. She fought, along with party's fellows, for more than eleven years until the Syrian forces withdrew from Lebanon and until her husband was released from prison and Lebanon regained its freedom.[citation needed] She challenged the parties that tried to distort the history and image of the Lebanese Forces.[citation needed]She succeeded in maintaining its unity and its historical line for which thousands of martyrs have sacrificed their lives in order to preserve Lebanon’s independence, freedom, and sovereignty.[citation needed][dubious ] She joined the Kornet Shehwan Gathering that operated under the sponsorship of the Maronite Patriarch and in which The Lebanese Forces played a prominent role. As a leading LF figure, she participated in elections involving unions, student bodies, municipalities, and other cultural associations. The impressive results she has achieved prove that the LF is still an active and efficient force in the Lebanese equation despite the ban imposed on it for years.[dubious ] Sethrida Geagea joined the Bristol Gathering that became later on the March 14 Movement, the spearhead of the second independence struggle of 2005.[dubious ] Sethrida Geagea led the party in the 2005 parliamentary elections, which resulted in a bloc of six MPs from the LF Party and the freedom of Samir Geagea. She is a member of the Lebanese Maronite League.

She is very open to cooperate with Civil society organizations. She has also joined many road safety interventions that contributed positively for road safety in Lebanon that was organized by YASA (youth association for social awareness). ( She supported the efforts that led to the new Lebanese traffic law #243 that was enacted by the Lebanese parliament in 2012.

MP Geagea achievements during her parliamentary term of office from 2005 till 2018:

Since she has undertook the parliamentary responsibility in Jebbet Bsharri, MP Geagea has focused on revitalizing this area which has suffered for decades of deprivation because of its citizens political affiliation that boosting sovereign Lebanese independence. So, she has developed a systematic plan for a comprehensive development in the region at all levels. MP Geagea’s plan has included infrastructure, roads, public health, electricity, education and tourism sectors. Assiduous of transparency and continuity in the planning and implementation of all projects, MP Geagea has established four civilian NGOs for the management and implementation of most projects: “Cedar Mountain Foundation”, “International Cedar Festival Committee”, “Chance”, “Jebbeh Maraya Magazine”.

On the other hand, MP Geagea has strove with the Maronite Church to establish “Qadisha Valley Managing Association”. The total projects in Bsharri area has attained approximately 240 million American dollars and includes several projects. MP Geagea’s plan includes several projects still undergoing, and the execution of others will start soon and worth approximately 92 million American dollars (2 sanitary drainage projects and potable water that will cover all the villages).

MP Geagea has also revived “International Cedar Festival” after a long halt that lasted nearly fifty years after the infrastructure has become all set in the region. Indeed, the “International Cedar Festivals” has been revived in 2015, and since their launching, they have occupied a special space among all the international festivals that are held in Lebanon because of their national gathering dimension. Despite the difficult conditions prevailing in the country, MP Geagea managed to raise this festival to the ranks of the first festivals in Lebanon. These festivals had a profound effect on Bsharri region, where tourism businesses and restaurants have experienced a gust they had not experienced for decades and its impact reached Deir Al Ahmar, Ouyoun Orghosh and Ehden regions.

The projects have been implemented as follows:

- "Student House" is a huge educational edifice in Dbayeh area - Northern Metn, aims to help the citizens to take root and stay in their land through accommodating their children, the university students, who leave the region to pursuit their studies in the city, without the necessity to displace with their children. Total project value: 16 million USD.

- Qadisha circle: the project goal is to provide a suitable road through the area that facilitate the circulation to its citizens, visitors and tourists. Total value of project: 68550000 USD.

- Water projects totaling 17202000 American dollars have been divided as follows:

* Big Water Project: building up a potable water network to towns: Qnat -Barhalioun – Abidin – Bella – Al Moghor - Tourza. with tanks, pump stations. The first and second stages have been implemented with the value of 2.7 million USD.

* Implementation of Four pools of water for irrigation in Bekaakafra, Berkasha, Bazoun, and Hasroun financed by the Municipalities Union with the value of 800000 USD.

* Potable water network project in Cedar and Hadshit with the value of 12 million American dollars.

* Reparation of irrigation canals in Hadchit and Hasroun with the value of 300000 USD.

* Implematation of irrigation canals project with piping network in Hasroun: 458000 USD.

* Provision of water pipes for irrigation on point in Hadchit: 217000 USD.

* Irrigation channels project in Bekaakafra, and setting up 3 irrigation tanks in Al Deeman: 535000 USD.

- Electricity projects amounting 9513000 USD have been divided as follows:

* Rehabilitation of Al Jebbeh line 35 kV: 500000 USD.

* Provision of two new lines to feed Bsharri town: 300000 USD.

* Building up a station in bazaoun worth 250000 USD.

* Strengthening the link line that connects the water plants with each other (Qannoubine Valley) project amounted to 200000 USD.

* Provision of low tension networks of cables (TORSADE), 70 km long, project amounted to 700000 USD.

* Building up several electricity distribution stations in the district: 200000 USD.

* Rehabilitation of the four water plants: 7 million USD.

* Purchase of an extra adapter for Kadisha plant in Bsharri worth 150000 USD.

* Building up a repository for electricity in Berqacha: 8000 USD.

* Provision of an electrical adaptor to Baizkata farm: 75000 USD.

* Lighting network in Bella – Al Moghor: 130000 USD.

* Rehabilitation and installation of thousands of electric meters and hundreds of maintenance tasks in the region.

- Public Health file and Governmental hospital in Bsharri: it was transformed from a clinic to a governmental hospital: of 5 million USD divided as follows:

* Equipment of the operating room (donation from Saudi Arabia): 1.3 million USD.

* Provision of machinery supplies and medical equipment for the hospital: 215500 USD.

* Provision of operational advances from the Ministry of Health to the hospital for the years 2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017: 950000 USD.

* Provision of scanner machine for the hospital: 350000 USD.

* Equipment of two floors in Mar Mama building attached to the governmental hospital of Bsharri. The cost of the first phase with its outbuildings: 2.1 million USD.

- Educational file in the region: 4660000 USD, divided as follows:

* A new building for the Bsharri Ofiicial High School: 2.5 million USD.

* Strengthening schools and keep students in the region and supporting private school students’ premiums, where the annual occupancy average for eight years attained 1347 students. Every student receives a grant of 250.000 LBP. The total grants in eight years reached 1725000 USD.

* Supporting 15 private and official schools with 70000 liters of heating oil for eight years. Total cost 400000 USD.

* Equipment of a hall in Bsharri Official High School and Tourza Sisters school with computers. Total cost: 35000 USD.

- Sanitary drainage file: Total project cost amounted to 6.1 million USD was divided as follows:

* Building up a typical plant for sanitary drainage in the locality of Al Harim in Bsharri, funded by the French Development Agency in Lebanon: 600000 USD.

* Trivial water purification plant project covering the Cedar and Bsharri: 5.5 million USD.

Projects implemented by the institutions established by MP Geagea:

- International Cedar Festivals Committee: Notice of recognition No. 81/a d – Date: 9-3-2006.

* Summer 2015 International Cedar Festivals Committee has honored the Lebanese Army.

* Summer 2016 International Cedar Festivals Committee has honored the Lebanese talent Gebran Khalil Gebran.

* Summer 2017 International Cedar Festivals Committee has honored the Lebanese cedar tree.

- Cedar Mountain Foundation: a nonprofit organization aims to work on providing development, educational, economic and touristic projects to Bsharri region and holds the Notice of recognition No.193/a d, August 14, 2007. The total amount of the projects carried out to date in Bsharri region is 21.395.000 USD, divided as follows:

* Rehabilitation of a public park in Hasroun: 5000 USD.

* Irrigation pipeline project on point in Bsharri with the collaboration of the German GIZ Institution: 600000 USD.

* Building up a park for kids in Mar Gerges – Bsharri: 350000 USD.

* Rehabilitation of Raffoul Al Fakhry court in Qannoubine Sport Club: 200000 USD.

* Transforming the public cemetery of Bsharri Charity Association to a public park: 40000 USD.

* Purchase of 150 thousand boxes of apple and exporting them to Libya during 2008 season: 4 million USD.

* Building up the “Student House” building in Dbayeh which accommodates up to 241 students: Total cost with the land price: 16 million USD.

- "Maraya Al Jebbeh Magazine”, Notice of recognition No. 785/2010. It is a quarterly magazine dealing with development, social and cultural affairs of Bsharri 3500 magazines are printed and distributed for free to the region citizens. It is a true mirror of every change is going on in our region on the development, infrastructure, tourism and agriculture levels. 30 issues had been released till present.

- "A chance for life" or "CHANCE", Notice of recognition No. 1508, date 15-2-2014. An organization presided by Mrs. Aline Tawk with an administrative body. the goal of this organization message is providing a better future for our generations, educating and protecting them from the lesion of drugs. It organizes life skills program application cycles in Bsharri region schools, provided by specialized people. It also organizes stimulating courses that help people addicted who suffer from mental disorders, to change and improve their behavior in life. The organization also provides series of sessions for students in order to implement the project "A school without violence where life grows up". MP Geagea provides funds for these activities through aids and donations.

Projects implemented by the organization which has been established thanks to MP Geagea’s efforts with the Maronite Patriarchate:

- Qadisha Valley Management Association, Notice of recognition No. 2317 date 2/11/2016. It is headed by Bishop Joseph Naffaa, Patriarchal Vicar of Jebbet Bsharri, assisted by an administrative body composed of five members, with the designation of an engineer as a manager of the Valley. The inclusion of Qadisha Valley on the World Heritage list necessitated the personalities concerned, the Maronite Church, the Marist and Lebanese monasticism, the property owners and the Municipalities presidents in Bsharri and Zghorta regions to commit to this classification standards and requirements, and work through it to improve the Valley and keep it on the World Heritage list.

* The Association aims to transform the Valley into a global landmark, and MP Geagea started the implement of the rehabilitation project of the road in the Valley, including a pipeline for the Civil Defense in anticipation of any fire could occur in the Valley, in addition to rest stations and a number of public toilets. the Ministry of Public Works will implement the project after the Cabinet's approval on the disbursement of credit of 2.2 million USD.

* Soon will start the rehabilitation of seven religious sites in the Valley towards Hadchit village: Mar youhanna monastery, Mar Gerges monastery, Mar Challita Church, St Helena Church, Kafarselwan monastery, an old mill and a public park overlooking the Valley, after the approval of Directorate of Antiquities and UNESCO Office. The sum of 500 thousand USD has been provided as a result of MP Geagea contacts with a Lebanese a donor.

* In coordination with the district Union of municipalities 6 brand new vans have been purchased to transport the visitors to the Valley in a civilized manner after completing the rehabilitation of the road.

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