Seti Zone

Coordinates: 29°15′N 81°10′E / 29.250°N 81.167°E / 29.250; 81.167
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सेती अञ्चल
Seti districts.png
Country   Nepal
RegionFar-Western (Sudur Pashchimanchal)
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)
Main language(s)Nepali, Dotali

Seti (Nepali: सेती अञ्चलListen ) was one of the fourteen zones located in the Far-Western Development Region of Nepal. Dhangadhi in the Terai is the major city of Seti Zone; headquarters are in Dipayal-Silgadhi. As of 2015, Nepal discontinued zone designations in favor of provinces; the area previously known as Seti Zone is now part of Sudurpashchim Province.

Administrative subdivisions[edit]

Seti was divided into five districts; since 2015 these districts have been redesignated as part of Sudurpashchim Province.

District Type Headquarters Since 2015 part of Province
Achham Hill Mangalsen Sudurpashchim Province
Bajhang Mountain Chainpur
Bajura Mountain Martadi
Doti Hill Silgadhi
Kailali Outer Terai Dhangadhi

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29°15′N 81°10′E / 29.250°N 81.167°E / 29.250; 81.167