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Aerial view of the Shalalth rancherie and Ohin, which are on Slosh Indian Reserve No. 1, one of the reserves of the Seton Lake First Nation

The Seton Lake First Nation, a.k.a. the Seton Lake Indian Band, is a First Nations government located in the Central Interior-Fraser Canyon region of the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is a member of the Lillooet Tribal Council, which is the largest grouping of band governments of the St'at'imc people (a.k.a. the Lillooet people). Other St'at'imc governments include the smaller In-SHUCK-ch Nation on the lower Lillooet River to the southwest, and the independent N'quatqua First Nation at the farther end of Anderson Lake from Seton Portage, which is the location of three of the band's reserve communities.

The Seton Lake First Nation's offices are located at Shalalth, British Columbia, where a School District #74 public school is in operation, teaching St'at'imcets language and St'at'imc culture in addition to regular curriculum.

Chief and Councillors[edit]

Chief: Larry Casper Jr.

Council Members: Ida Mary Peter, Rodney Louie, Clifford Casper, Phyllis Peters, and Gilbert Shiel

Treaty Process[edit]



Economic Development[edit]

Social, Educational and Cultural Programs and Facilities[edit]

Seton Lake Band (in partnership with the Gold Trail School District) runs Ski'l Mountain Community School on Ski'l Mountain, Shalalth, BC. It runs a preschool program up to Grade 12, teaching local culture and language as well as the BC provincially mandated curriculum. The Rose Casper Healing Centre services the local band and community membership in areas of Social Development and Health Care. It runs several programs year round in the areas of Social Development and Community Health Care. Seton Lake Band owns and operates a gas bar offering basic vehicle maintenance services. Seton Lake Band owns and operates a shuttle passenger train which makes return trips to Shalalth's closest town, Lillooet, BC where on reserve and community members can access medical services, grocery stores, and banks.

Indian Reserves[edit]

Indian Reserves under the administration of the Seton Lake First Nation are:[1]

One Indian Reserve is no longer under band title:

In addition to this parcel of land, which was transferred out of Indian Reserve as part of the Bridge River Power Project, the powerhouses and townsites associated with the project are on IR No. 1A, and there are various recreational and residential leases at Shalalth, which formerly also had lodgings, shipping companies and other services.

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