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Settle College is a secondary school in the town of Settle, North Yorkshire, England. The school is a partner in 'The Three Peaks Family of Schools', a grouping of Secondary Schools, primary schools and middle schools,[1] in North Craven.

The school's name is technically a misnomer as the school building is located on the Giggleswick side of the River Ribble. It is assumed[by whom?] that the school was named after Settle instead of Giggleswick to avoid confusion with the better-known Giggleswick School located on the other side of Giggleswick village.

Settle College links back to Settle Girls' High School, founded in 1907, which became the comprehensive Settle High School in 1959. The current school gained Technology College status in 2004.[2] In September 2012 the school merged with local middle schools.[citation needed]

The school has over 50 members of staff, and over 650 pupils. Its principal is Michelle Costello, who took over after the previous head, William Bancroft, left in July 2013.[3]

Notable pupils who attended the school are the singer John Newman,[4] the actor Tom Lister.[citation needed] professional boxer Tomi Tatham and professional eSports commentator James Carrol.


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