Seung Eun Kim

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Seung Eun Kim
Born July 17, 1974
Occupation Artist, Director, Animator
Years active 1996–present

Seung-Eun Kim (Korean: 김승은) is a Korean-born American artist, director and animator. He is a three-time Emmy nominee, and three-time Annie Award nominee. Seung Kim has been employed in the field of animation since 1996.

Highlights of his career include:

Seung has also directed/animated the main titles of:

Godzilla cartoon, 1997 Jackie Chan Adventures, 1998

Seung’s talents extend far beyond animation. He has done award winning work in sculpture and comic book art, most notably work on the Hellboy: Weird Tales comic.[1]

Most recently he worked on the television show The Boondocks where his directing credits include the following episodes:


Kim's latest work includes a re-imagining of the Sun Wukong Monkey King story, called Battle Earth: Return of the Monkey King!.[3]


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