Sevas Tra

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Sevas Tra
Studio album by Otep
Released June 18, 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre Nu metal
Length 54:05
61:08 (Bonus Track)
Label Capitol
Producer Terry Date
Otep chronology
Sevas Tra
House of Secrets
Singles from Sevas Tra
  1. "Blood Pigs"
    Released: 2002
  2. "Possession"
    Released: 2002

Sevas Tra is the first album by the heavy metal band Otep, released in 2002. The album name, when read backwards, reads as "art saves".[1] It debuted at number 145 on the Billboard 200.[2]

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

The album received positive reviews. Allmusic gave the album a 4 out of 5 stars rating writing "Sevas Tra is a record that raises the high watermark for goth metal."[1] CMJ gave the album an extremely positive review writing "If you're a guy, do yourself a favor. Don't be a male chauvinistic fuck face that thinks a woman can't tear it up just as good as a man can. Otep (the person) has a voice so deep and foreboding that it would scare a wolf away from her cubs, not to mention that her death metal growl has more balls than 95 percent of the nū metal crybabies wasting air space on commercial rock radio."[3]

Music and lyrics[edit]

The album is a nu metal[4] album that features strong elements of death metal.[5][3] Also, it features elements of groove metal, funk metal, alternative metal, rap metal, grindcore and hip-hop.[5][1] The album's song "Jonestown Tea" features elements of spoken word.[5] The vocals consist of growling,[1][3] screaming[1][3] and rapping.[6] The growling on the album is one example of the album's elements of grindcore and death metal.[5][3] Also, the album has guitar riffs heard in the death metal genre. The album has been compared to Cannibal Corpse, Metallica, Skinlab and Slipknot.[4][3] Allmusic described the album as "heavier than Slipknot".[1] The album's lyrical topics include organized religion and abuse.[5] The band's vocalist Otep Shamaya said that the album Sevas Tra "is a story about life's struggles and what you do to overcome them, or what you do to be swallowed by them."[7] The album's song "Jonestown Tea" is about child sexual abuse and is also believed to be about Otep Shamaya being sexually abused by her father.[7][8] The song was used by a teenager who, along with her sister, was sexually abused by their father, to inform her mother about her father's sexual abuse.[8] Otep Shamaya spoke about the song "Jonestown Tea" saying

Otep Shamaya called organized religion "a lie".[5] Many people have mistaken the song "Menocide" to be against men. Otep Shamaya said that it isn't hateful towards men and that it goes against women abuse, including violence against women.[9]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by M. Bistany, J. McGuire, R. Patterson and Otep Shamaya, except where noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Tortured"   1:39
2. "Blood Pigs"   4:03
3. "T.R.I.C." (reworked from the Jihad version of "T.R.I.C.") Bistany, W. Marsh, McGuire, Patterson, Shamaya 3:05
4. "My Confession"   5:31
5. "Sacrilege" (reworked from the Jihad version of "The Lord Is My Weapon")   4:09
6. "Battle Ready"   4:21
7. "Emtee"   3:58
8. "Possession" (reworked from the Jihad version of "Possession") Bistany, Marsh, McGuire, Patterson, Shamaya 4:54
9. "Thots"   4:09
10. "Fillthee" (reworked from the Jihad version of "Fillthee") D. Aguilera, Bistany, Marsh, McGuire, Patterson, Shamaya 3:36
11. "Menocide"   4:51
12. "Jonestown Tea"   9:47
13. "Brother" (Hidden Track)   7:03


Main personnel
Additional personnel
  • Producer: Terry Date
  • Engineers: Terry Date, Martin Feveyear
  • Assistant engineers: Dave Fisher, Anthony Kilhoffer, Floyd Reitsman
  • Mixing: Terry Date
  • Mastering: Ted Jensen
  • Digital editing: Martin Feveyear
  • A&R: Ron Laffitte
  • Art direction: P.R. Brown, Wendy Dougan
  • Jacket design: P.R. Brown
  • Booklet design: Wendy Dougan
  • Photography: P.R. Brown


Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
2002 UK 86[10]
The Billboard 200 145


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