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Seven – The Ashvamedh Prophecy
Seven Tv Drama.png
Genre Fiction Drama / Fantasy / Action
Written by Anuraadha Tewari
Directed by Siddharth Anand Kumar
Starring Rakesh Bapat
Shama Sikander
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26
Producer(s) Yash Chopra
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time Approx. 43 minutes
Production company(s) YRF Television
Original network Sony TV
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original release 1 January – 25 June 2010
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Seven – The Ashvamedha Prophecy is a fiction-based television series that airs on Sony Entertainment Television starting 1 January 2010 at 9pm IST. The series is produced by Yash Chopra, and stars Rakesh Bapat and Shama Sikander. The writer of this show is Anuraadha Tewari the writer of the film Fashion. The director of the show is Siddhart Anand Kumar.[1] The series is set to make a movie, which will be briefed and telecast on television.


When the "Saptarshi" constellation falls in place, Dr. Charak, an astronomer, scientist, and philosopher knows the time has come for him to find the descendants of the saptarishi or seven sages. ‘Seven’, is the story of the search for the seven descendants and their journey of discovering their real capabilities. Asmin, Hriday, Varya, Haryaksh, Mastishk, Eklavya, and Drishika, have what it takes to save the world. The unique powers they possess are complimented with their different mindset, learning and outlook in life. Dr Charak, the guru must now bring seven such distinct personalities under one roof and fulfill the Ashwamedha prophecy – a secret that will give great power to the person who unravels it, before Asht – the master of evil and Dr. Charak’s rival decodes it. Seven is India first cutting edge special effects action adventure show inspired by mythology, set in today’s world. This will see 7 ordinary people from different parts of India with extra ordinary powers that will fight the battle of Good vs. Evil, to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save the world. So sit back and get ready to experience a roller coaster ride among with the seven (who will surely excite you) and keep watching to unravel new mythological mysteries and finally the Ashvamedha, whose secret shall surely change the fate of the Seven. In the final episode they reach to the place where they find the deadly weapons(compared to nuke) of Mahabharat and that is the final climax of Ashvamedha, Asht tries to win over Saptarshi but fails and then he unleashes his daughter Shunya(unaware that she is his daughter) to fight the seven. Asht gains upper hand and tries to kill Varya, Shunya interviens and saves Varya but she dies revealing the truth that she is Asht's daughter. Finally Asht is defeated. Shlok deletes memory of everyone and the seven carry on with their lives as normal people.

The Nine Books[edit]

To know the secret of the Ashvamedha prophecy, the seven have to collect nine ancient books which are at nine different places. Each book teaches them new abilities and unravels new mysteries. The books are very precious and the holders of these books first put a test before the seven to test their abilities. The books are given to the nine different people for safekeeping until the "Saptrishis" come to collect them. Each book teaches the seven new abilities, like "the touch of death"and "communication with nature". In the following episodes it is suspected that Asht may steal the books to keep the seven from reaching to their goal.But what eventually came out was that Asht killed all the guardians of the book after they had performed their duty of passing on the books to the seven.

The Books teach the nine new abilities and powers:

  • 1st book – touch of death (Ability learnt by Asmin)
  • 2nd book – communicating with plants (Ability learnt by Mastishk)
  • 3rd book – Controlling Fire (Ability learnt by Haryaksh)
  • 4th book – Teleporting (Ability learnt by All)
  • 5th book – medicinal powers or healing (Ability learnt by Hriday)
  • 6th book – Looking into time in any direction (Ability learnt by Drishika)
  • 7th book – Time travel (Ability learnt by Eklavya and Varya)
  • 8th book – anti gravity (Ability learnt by Hriday)
  • 9th book – the collection of these powers in one person (Ability successfully performed by Varya)

These Nine Books are similar to that of Nine Unknown Men.

Cast and Crew[edit]

Arish Bhiwandiwala … Shikher

Puru Chibber … Adhirath

Bakul Thakkar … Mahesh Kashyap

Seema Azmi … Radhika

Krishna Chaudhary … Rana

Arun Bali … Mahaguru

Main characters and their powers and abilities[edit]

The Seven Rishis:

Asmin Bharadwaj:- Asmin means life. A perfect blend of bold and beautiful, this young girl is an irresistible with her fiery and stubborn nature. She has the powers of healing herself, and thus she can never feel any pain. Along with this she is a master strategy maker and is portrayed as the leader of seven. She has recently mastered the ability of "the touch of death" which has given her immense power for physical ability.

Haryaksh Vashishth:-Haryaksh means the one with yellow eyes. A "back street boy", Haryaksh is one of the most influencing characters of seven. His good looks and charming nature makes him very popular among the group. He has the powers of creating and throwing fire. He is excellent in hand-to-hand combat and is a rival to Asmin. He mastered the power of light due to the third book. He is in a romantic relationship with Varya.

Drishika Kashyap- Drishika means she who has a vision. A girl with an angelic face and petite charm, Drishika is the fraternal twin of Mastishk. She has the unique ability of seeing the future, or precognition. She is not so talented in physical ability, but is excellent in mental abilities. She learned how to teleport the fastest. She is in a relationship with Eklavya (though it is not expressed openly). Also, her eyes turn solid white when she sees the future, which gives her an eerie look. Though it seems like she has a weird control over her power she can control it sometimes as shown in the second episodes that she was able to precognise that there would be a bomb blast at will.

Mastishk Kashyap:- Mastishk means mind. Portrayed as a handsome boy, with a cute face and babyish voice, Mastishk is very popular among girls. He can read people's thoughts, and on some occasions makes them forget memories. He is good in physical as well as mental abilities but cannot be referred as a master in any of them. He enjoys flirting with Asmin. He has mastered the ability to communicate with the nature because of the second book.

Varya Vishwamitra:- Varya means a girl blessed with a choice. The girl who can control the nature has a wild charm in her, being both tomboyish and sensitive, she is someone who nobody can understand. She actually has the powers of gaining powers of others when she sympathizes them, but normally the one to change nature according to her mood. Her powers strength is till now not clear. She is in a relationship with Haryaksh.

Eklavya Gautam:- Eklavya means the one with a single aim. The boy from woods, Eklavya is descendant of Rishi Agastya. He is a very innocent boy who is not exposed to the real world. He has the power of running at the speed of light and infinite stamina. It also seems he can talk to trees (everyone thinks he's crazy). He is very sensitive, and loves Drishika but never expresses his feelings openly. He learned the power of time traveling by seventh books

Hriday Atri:- Hriday means heart. The son of a famous politician wants to be a chef…but his father thinks he is better off studying management course in Australia. Hriday however has a very special ability which he is trying to master. He can fly!

Eventually all of them have learned telepathy, teleportation, and the touch of death (Kungfu). Though Shlok takes their powers of teleportation back they are able to teleport with the help of the fourth book.

Their Guardians:

Shunya:- Female Guardian of the Seven. Have power of teleportation and can memorize large amounts of information quickly (Shown as scanning the pages). Also seen to be able to freeze people and manipulate memories. She is the daughter of Asht and she is killed by Asht in the last episode. She is a descendant of Parashurama who was the youngest son of Saptarishi Jamadagni.

Shlok:- Male Guardian of the Seven. Has the power of teleportation and can detect the usage of Beej Mantra. Also seen to be able to freeze people. He can also manipulate memories. Shlok has feelings for Shunya.

Power of the Evil[edit]

Asht Arya:-The Master of the Dark Arts, Asht is the evil side of Higher Intelligence and wants to use his immense powers only for his personal fiefdom. He is the keeper of the "beej mantra" which allows him to gain control over people's minds and is waiting to create the New World which will be devoid of 'lesser minds' and be only ruled by Higher Minds like him and his followers . He doesn't want to kill the Seven, instead he would like them to lead him to the Ashshvamedh Prophecy and then join his Forces. His impact reaches far and wide and he has many a secret follower across the world but has a small little Army of his own,a set of young, energetic, super intelligent minds who can help him reach the Seven as well as help him break the protection ring around the Seven created by Dr Charak his arch enemy for life. His soldiers not only follow him blindly but each one is also waiting to be the successor of the Beej Mantra. By killing Shaakh's brother Shikhar Asht was able to break the protection ring around the seven and can now directly attack them.

Adhyaksh:- An old classmate of Asht from the Mahaguru’s Ashram, Adhyaksh is a nervous, insecure old man who had lost an old bet to Asht and had agreed to be is slave for life. Although, nearly as intelligent as Asht, Adhyaksh acts very slave like with his the latter and will do anything to be the successor of the Beej Mantra. The person who throws him off is young Shiven, the son of another classmate of theirs who gets closer to Asht. In failing to complete another promise to Asht, Adhyaksh agrees to sacrifice himself and reveal the Seven to Asht but turns to Dr Charak’s side in his last moments and blows himself up in a noble death.

Shiven Bharadwaj:- The son of Asht and Adhyaksh’s classmate Vidur, Shiven is very honoured to be sent as Asht’s student and wants to dedicate his life to him. Proficient with the Beej Mantra, Shiven has a way of getting offensive with Adhyaksh and makes him seriously insecure. While other young people walk in and out of Asht’s clutches, Shiven thinks that he is Asht's successor.

Deeya Kapoor:- The daughter of CBI officer, Jahnavi Kapoor (colleague of Mahesh Kashyap who is the twins' father), Deeya has the power of sketching faces of people whom she has never seen though she doesn't know of it as a power. In an accidental meeting with Asht, Deeya comes under the influence of the Beej Mantra and voluntarily becomes his guinea pig in the Mind Hacking Experiment, though she doesn't remember much when in her senses. Though much younger. Deeya is attracted to Asht and is willing to die for him.

Daksh Rajvansh:- A genius with computers and technology in general, Daksh is always seen to be accompanied by his laptop. An ace student of the Special Institute of Technology, run by Shiven’s father Vidur, Daksh’s project was rejected and so he volunteered to come join Asht. He does not believe in things unless proven by science, and thus offends Asht by not believing in the Beej Mantra (which forces Asht to burn his laptop) and does not know that his days are marked. His special Project is a genius machine called Mind Hacker with which he can brain map, download and erase memories and control minds to order whatever he wishes . . . one of his software is the DNA Tracker which can track anyone with a DNA sample, which comes to Asht’s biggest use in tracking the Seven down. He was killed by Shiven.

Shaakh:- The son of Adhyaksh(deceased follower of Asht), Shaakh is a little boy who has the powers to sense death, or rather precognise who shall die. Though Drishika has the powers of precognition, Shaakh can only "sense" who shall die, and hears voices in his head. What makes him eerie is his calm through these traumatic experiences and his being able to look Asht in the eye and let him know that Shaakh knew everything about Asht and was not afraid of him. He has the ability to uninstall the Beej Mantra. Although Shiven thinks of himself as Asht's successor, it is actually Shaakh.

Adhirath:- The younger brother of Shiven. He and Shaakh leaves the city together after Asht's death.


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