Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

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Seven Brief Lessons on Physics
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics.jpg
AuthorCarlo Rovelli
Original titleSette brevi lezioni di fisica
PublisherPenguin Books (English edition)
Publication date
Published in English
Media typePrint, Digital
Pages96 (English edition)
ISBN9780241235966 (English hardcover edition)

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics (Italian: Sette brevi lezioni di fisica) is a short book by the Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli. Originally published in Italian in 2014, the book has been translated into 52 languages.[1] More than a million copies have been sold, of which more than 400,000 in Italy.[2]


The book condenses the revelations of post-Newtonian physics – from Einstein's theory of relativity to quantum mechanics – into seven brief, accessible lessons:[3]

  1. The Most Beautiful of Theories
  2. The Quanta
  3. The Architecture of the Cosmos
  4. Particles
  5. Grains of Space
  6. Probability, Time and the Heat of Black Holes
  7. Ourselves


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