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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Seven Days Battles (from June 25 to July 1, 1862) of the American Civil War. Order of battle compiled from the army organization-return of casualties during the battle[1] and the reports.[2][3] The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.

Organization of the Union Army of the Potomac during the Seven Days Battle of the American Civil War

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of the Potomac[edit]

MG George B. McClellan, Commanding

General Staff and Headquarters[edit]

General Staff[edit]

General Headquarters[edit]

II Corps[edit]

BG Edwin V. Sumner

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     BG Israel B. Richardson

1st Brigade

     BG John C. Caldwell

2nd Brigade[4]

     BG Thomas F. Meagher
     Col Robert Nugent
     BG Thomas F. Meagher

3rd Brigade

     BG William H. French


     Cpt George W. Hazzard (mw)

Second Division

     BG John Sedgwick (w)

1st Brigade

     Col Alfred Sully

2nd Brigade

     BG William W. Burns

3rd Brigade

     BG Napoleon J.T. Dana


     Col Charles H. Tompkins

Artillery Reserve
  • 6th New York Cavalry (Companies D, F, H and K): : Ltc Duncan McVicar

III Corps[edit]

BG Samuel P. Heintzelman

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division

     BG Joseph Hooker

1st Brigade

     BG Cuvier Grover

2nd Brigade

     BG Daniel Sickles

  • 70th New York Infantry Regiment: Maj Thomas Holt
  • 71st New York Infantry Regiment: Col George B. Hall
  • 72nd New York Infantry Regiment: Col Nelson Taylor
  • 73rd New York Infantry Regiment: Cpt Alfred A. Donalds
  • 74th New York Infantry Regiment: Col Charles K. Graham
3rd Brigade

     Col Joseph B. Carr

  • 5th New Jersey: Maj John Ramsey
  • 6th New Jersey: Col Gershom Mott
  • 7th New Jersey: Col Joseph W. Revere; Cpt Henry C. Bartlett
  • 8th New Jersey: Maj William A. Henry
  • 2nd New York: Ltc William A. Olmsted
  • Battery D, 1st New York Light Artillery: Cpt Thomas W. Osborn
  • 4th New York Light Artillery: Lt Joseph E. Nairn
  • Battery H, 1st U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt Charles H. Webber

Third Division

     BG Philip Kearny

1st Brigade

     BG John C. Robinson

2nd Brigade

     BG David B. Birney

3rd Brigade

     BG Hiram G. Berry

Artillery Reserve

     Cpt Gustavus A. De Russy


     Col William W. Averell

IV Corps[edit]

BG Erasmus D. Keyes

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     BG Darius N. Couch

1st Brigade

     BG Albion P. Howe

2nd Brigade

     BG John J. Abercrombie

3rd Brigade

     BG Innis N. Palmer


Second Division

     BG John J. Peck

1st Brigade

     BG Henry M. Naglee

2nd Brigade

     BG Henry W. Wessells

  • Battery H, 1st New York Light Artillery: Lt Charles E. Mink
  • 7th New York Artillery: Cpt Peter C. Regan
Artillery Reserve

     Maj Robert M. West

  • 8th New York Light Artillery: Cpt Butler Fitch
  • Battery E, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery: Cpt Theodore Miller
  • Battery H, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery: Cpt James Brady
  • Battery M, 5th U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt James McKnight

     Col David M. Gregg

V Corps[edit]

BG Fitz J. Porter

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     BG George W. Morell

1st Brigade

     BG John H. Martindale

2nd Brigade

     BG Charles Griffin

  • 9th Massachusetts: Col Thomas Case (mw); Ltc Patrick R. Guiney
  • 4th Michigan: Col Dwight A. Woodbury (k - Malvern Hill), Ltc Jonathan W. Childs (w), Cpt John M. Randolph
  • 14th New York: Col James McQuade
  • 62nd Pennsylvania: Col Samuel W. Black (k - Gaines's Mill); Ltc Jacob B. Sweitzer (w/c), Cpt James Hull
3rd Brigade

     BG Daniel Butterfield


     Cpt William B. Weeden


     Col Hiram Berdan

Second Division

     BG George Sykes

1st Brigade

     Ltc Robert C. Buchanan

  • 3rd United States: Maj Nathan B. Rossell (k), Cpt Thomas W. Walker, Cpt John D. Wilkins
  • 4th United States: Maj Delozier Davidson (c), Cpt Joseph B. Collins
  • 12th U.S.: Maj Henry B. Clitz (w/c); Cpt John G. Read, Cpt Matthew M. Blunt
  • 14th U.S.: Cpt John D. O'Connell
2nd Brigade

     Ltc William Chapman
     Maj Charles S. Lovell

3rd Brigade

     Col Gouverneur K. Warren


     Cpt Stephen H. Weed

Third Division (Pennsylvania Reserves)

     BG George A. McCall (c - Frayser's Farm)
     BG Truman Seymour

1st Brigade

     BG John F. Reynolds (c - Gaines' Mill)
     Col Seneca G. Simmons (k)[10]
     Col Richard Biddle Roberts

2nd Brigade

     BG George G. Meade (w - Glendale)
     Col Albert L. Magilton

  • 3rd Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Horatio G. Sickel
  • 4th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Albert L. Magilton
  • 7th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Elisha B. Harvey
  • 11th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Thomas F. Gallagher (c), Cpt Daniel S. Porter
3rd Brigade

     BG Truman Seymour
     Col Conrad Feger Jackson


     Cpt Henry V. De Hart (mw)


     Col James H. Childs

  • 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Col James H. Childs

     Col John F. Farnsworth

VI Corps[edit]

BG William B. Franklin

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     BG Henry W. Slocum

1st Brigade

     BG George W. Taylor

  • 1st New Jersey: Ltc Robert McAllister, Col A. T. A. Torbert
  • 2nd New Jersey: Col Isaac M. Tucker (k), Maj Henry O. Ryerson (w), Ltc Samuel L. Buck
  • 3rd New Jersey: Col Henry W. Brown
  • 4th New Jersey: Col James H. Simpson (c), Ltc William B. Hatch
2nd Brigade

     Col Joseph J. Bartlett

  • 5th Maine: Col Nathaniel J. Jackson (w), Ltc William S. Heath (k), Cpt Clark S. Edwards
  • 16th New York: Col Joseph Howland (w), Maj Joel J. Seaver
  • 27th New York: Ltc Alexander D. Adams
  • 96th Pennsylvania: Col Henry L. Cake
3rd Brigade

     BG John Newton

  • 18th New York: Ltc George R. Myers, Maj John C. Meginnis
  • 31st New York: Col Calvin E. Pratt (w), Maj Alexander Raszewski
  • 32nd New York: Col Roderick Matheson
  • 95th Pennsylvania: Col John M. Gosline (mw), Ltc Gustavus W. Town

Second Division

     BG William F. Smith

1st Brigade

     BG Winfield S. Hancock

2nd Brigade

     BG William T. H. Brooks

  • 2nd Vermont: Col Henry Whiting
  • 3rd Vermont: Ltc Wheelook G. Veazey
  • 4th Vermont: Col Edwin H. Stoughton
  • 5th Vermont: Ltc Lewis A. Grant
  • 6th Vermont: Col Nathan Lord, Jr.
3rd Brigade

     BG John W. Davidson


     Cpt Romeyn B. Ayres

  • Battery E, 1st New York Light Artillery: Cpt Charles C. Wheeler
  • 1st New York Light Artillery: Cpt Andrew Cowan
  • 3rd New York Light Artillery: Cpt Thaddeus P. Mott
  • Battery F, 5th U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt Romeyn B. Ayres
  • 1st New York Cavalry: Col Andrew T. McReynolds

Artillery Reserve[edit]

Col Henry J. Hunt

Brigade Batteries
First Brigade (Horse Artillery)

     Ltc William Hays

  • Battery A, 2nd U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt John C. Tidball
  • Battery B and L, 2nd U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt James M. Robertson
  • Battery M, 2nd U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt Henry Benson
  • Battery C and G, 3rd U.S. Light Artillery:[11] Cpt Horatio G. Gibson
Second Brigade

     Ltc George W. Getty

Third Brigade

     Maj Albert Arndt

  • Battery A, 1st Battalion New York Light Artillery: Cpt Otto Diederichs
  • Battery B, 1st Battalion New York Light Artillery: Cpt Adolph Voegelee
  • Battery C, 1st Battalion New York Light Artillery: Cpt Robert Langner
  • Battery D, 1st Battalion New York Light Artillery: Cpt John Knieriem
Fourth Brigade

     Maj Edward R. Petherbridge

Fifth Brigade

     Cpt J. Howard Carlisle

  • Battery E, 2nd U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt J. Howard Carlisle
  • Battery F and K, 3rd U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt La Rhett L. Livingston
Siege Train

     Col Robert O. Tyler

Cavalry Reserve[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Cavalry Reserve

     BG Philip St. George Cooke

First Brigade

     Col Richard H. Rush

Second Brigade

     Col George A. H. Blake

Casey's Command[edit]

Brigade Regiments and Others

Casey's Command (at White House Landing)

     BG Silas Casey (w)

  • 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Companies B, D, F, I, & K): Col Josiah Harlan
  • Battery F, 1st New York Light Artillery: Cpt William R. Wilson
  • 93rd New York (Companies B, C, D, E, G, & L): Col Thomas F. Morris


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