Seven Days in Sunny June

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"Seven Days In Sunny June"
Single by Jamiroquai
from the album Dynamite
B-side "Seven Days in Sunny June" (remix)
Released 15 August 2005
  • CD
  • 12" Single
Recorded 2005
Length 4:02
Producer(s) Mike Spencer
Jamiroquai singles chronology
"Feels Just Like It Should"
"Seven Days In Sunny June"
"(Don't) Give Hate a Chance"

"Seven Days In Sunny June" is the second single from British funk/acid jazz band Jamiroquai's sixth studio album, Dynamite. Written by lead singer Jay Kay and new keyboardist Matt Johnson, the track is considered to be a throwback to the old acid jazz sound upon which Jamiroquai made its name. The song is about a tale of unrequited love, and peaked at #14 on the UK Singles Chart.

Music Video[edit]

The video features the band having a pool party in a garden, where they do random things - such as playing with a beach ball, riding minibikes, throwing confetti, as well as having ketchup lowered from a helicopter - as Jay Kay sings the lyrics. However, the word "bomb" in "drop the bomb on me" is cut out, as it - alongside the radio edit - released a month after the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London. Kay changes his clothing 7 times, representing the 7 days of the week - one of the garments being a Peru-national-football-team-inspired jacket. The video ends with Kay on the ground, laughing.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Seven Days In Sunny June" – 3:49
  2. "Seven Days In Sunny June" (Steve Mac Classic Remix)" – 7:11
  3. "Seven Days In Sunny June" (Oliver Lang remix)" – 6:35
  4. "Seven Days In Sunny June" (Blackbeard remix)" – 6:05
Steve Mac Remixes
  1. "Seven Days In Sunny June (Steve Mac Classic Remix)" – 7:11
  2. "Seven Days In Sunny June (Steve Mac Radio Edit)" – 4:08
  3. "Seven Days In Sunny June (Steve Mac Instrumental)" – 6:54
  4. "Seven Days In Sunny June (I Think I Love My 303 Dub)" – 8:16
Ashley Beedle Remixes
  1. "Seven Days In Sunny June (Ashley Beedle Heavy Disco Vocal Mix)" – 7:42
  2. "Seven Days In Sunny June (Ashley Beedle Dub)" – 7:26
  3. "Seven Days In Sunny June (Ashley Beedle Instrumental)" – 7:50
Kraak & Smaak Remix
  1. "Seven Days In Sunny June (Kraak & Smaak Mix)" – 7:26


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