Seven Deadly Sins Four Deadly Sinners

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Seven Deadly Sins
Four Deadly Sinners
7DS poster (large).jpg
2007 production poster
(designed by Simon Gunn)
Written by Norman Hudis &
Marc Sinden
Characters Four well-known actresses
Date premiered 15 June 2003
Place premiered Princess Theatre, Hunstanton, Norfolk
Original language English
Subject The 'Seven Deadly Sins' from a female perspective
Genre Anthology / Comedy
Seven Deadly Sins Four Deadly Sinners Official site

Seven Deadly Sins Four Deadly Sinners is an anthology-style play compiled and written by Carry On... writer Norman Hudis and producer Marc Sinden, who is also the director. It was originally devised by Sinden as a female rival to the RSC's The Hollow Crown and was the first anthology to have a permanent 'pool' of actresses from which four appear for the performance.[1]

It has toured in the UK since 15 June 2003 (premiering at the Princess Theatre, Hunstanton, Norfolk) and is produced all over Europe and throughout the rest of the world by Marc Sinden Productions. Internationally, it has been performed at the British Theatre Season, Monaco;[2] the Holder's Festival, Barbados;[3] on Guernsey (one of the Channel Islands)[4] and is currently on an 18-month tour of Australia and New Zealand.[5]

It is billed as: "An anthology evening of Wicked Comedy, Heavenly Drama, Devilishly Tall Tales, Enchanting Poetry and Seductive Stories starring Four Deadly Beautiful Temptresses, who will enlighten you on how to survive, or even live by, the Seven Deadly Sins!"[1]


Compiled from the works of nearly everyone with a sense of humour (sometimes unintentional) - from Chaucer to Victoria Wood, from Woody Allen to Oscar Wilde via Flanders & Swann, Joyce Grenfell, Steven Berkoff and Noël Coward, it stars four from the following alphabetically listed, interchangeable cast:[6]


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