Seven Ladders Canyon

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Seven Ladders Canyon
Canionul Sapte Scari.jpg
Bottom entrance of the canyon
Seven Ladders Canyon is located in Romania
Seven Ladders Canyon
Seven Ladders Canyon
Location within Romania
Location Piatra Mare Mountains, Brașov,
Floor elevation 980 m (3,220 ft)
Long-axis direction North-West to South-East
Long-axis length 160 metres (520 ft)
Depth 58 metres (190 ft)
Type Canyon
Coordinates 45°34′3″N 25°38′36″E / 45.56750°N 25.64333°E / 45.56750; 25.64333Coordinates: 45°34′3″N 25°38′36″E / 45.56750°N 25.64333°E / 45.56750; 25.64333
Traversed by Șapte Scări Brook

The Seven Ladders Canyon (Romanian: Canionul Șapte Scări) is a mountainous canyon carved by the Șapte Scări Brook in Romania in the county of Brașov, south of Timișu de Jos village. It is considered to be one of the main tourist attractions from the Piatra Mare massif.[1]

The canyon has been carved in Jurassic limestone and is composed by seven waterfalls, the tallest being 35 metres (115 ft) high. The trail within the canyon is arranged with metal stairs and platforms.[1]

7 stairs Canyon, or the "subdivision" of Piatra Mare Mountain miracles, is composed of exactly 7 slope bits illustrating the 7 waterfalls that give the name of the canyon. The 7 steps pass with heights between 2.5 meters and 15 meters turn into cascades when the water volume of the river Seven Stairs increases.


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