Seven Should-not-plays (Chinese Music)

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Chinese traditional culture identifies seven types of circumstances in which one should not play the Gu-qin:

  1. When there is a high wind or heavy rain;
  2. When in a mood of great sorrow;
  3. When one's dress is untidy;
  4. When drunk and crazy;
  5. When one has not burned incense;
  6. When one does not understand music or is in rude surroundings;
  7. When one has not bathed or the place is dirty.


  • The Seven Should-not-plays in playing Gu-qin are recorded in "Jing Shi Tong Yan", an ancient Chinese collection of novels written by Feng Meng-long (Feng Menglong) of the Ming Dynasty. The topic is also addressed in a Chinese classical literature masterpiece "Feng Shen Bang" (Gods of Honor).

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