Seven Slaves Against the World

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Gli schiavi più forti del mondo (Seven Slaves Against the World)
Seven slaves against the world movie poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster in the United States
Directed by Michele Lupo
Produced by Elio Scardamaglia
Written by Roberto Gianviti
Michele Lupo
Starring Roger Browne
Gordon Mitchell
Arnaldo Fabrizio
Music by Francesco De Masi
Cinematography Guglielmo Mancori
Leone Film
Distributed by Paramount Pictures (within the United States)
Release date
  • August 18, 1965 (1965-08-18) (United States)
Running time
96 min (United States)
85 min (France)
Country Italy
Language Italian language

Seven Slaves Against the World (Italian: Gli schiavi più forti del mondo; also known as Seven Slaves Against Rome) is a 1964 Italian sword-and-sandal adventure film, directed by Michele Lupo, produced by Elio Scardamaglia, written by Lupo and Roberto Gianviti and starring Roger Browne, Gordon Mitchell and Arnaldo Fabrizio. First released in Italy in 1964, it premiered in New York City, United States on August 18, 1965.[1]


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