Seven Storey Mountain

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Seven Storey Mountain
Also known asSeven Storey
OriginPhoenix, Arizona, United States
GenresPost-hardcore, Indie rock, Alternative rock, Emo
Years active1994–present
LabelsThick Records, Deep Elm, Art Monk Construction
MembersLance Lammers
Past membersRich Van Syckel
Dave King
Chad Kinney
Dave Norwood
Thomas Lanser
Aaron Wendt
Jesse Everhart

Seven Storey Mountain is an American rock group from Phoenix, Arizona. The group's music is heavily influenced by the early Washington, D.C. post-hardcore scene.[1]

The band formed in 1994 as a three-piece, featuring singer/guitarist Lance Lammers, bassist Jesse Everhart, and drummer Thomas Lanser. The trio had two releases on indie label Art Monk Construction, a 1996 self-titled E.P. and the 1997 L.P. Leper Ethics.[2] The band broke up in early 1997 shortly before the release of Leper Ethics. Despite all the songs being written by Lammers, Everhart and Lanser continued using the name Seven Storey Mountain for a short time, drafting Aaron Wendt as a singer/bassist, with Everhart switching from bass to guitar.[3] Lammers returned to the band later the same year at the request of the group reverting the band back to the original three piece configuration.[4] Material recorded by this lineup from 1997-1998 was released on the album Based on True Story in 2000 by Deep Elm Records.[5][6]

The original lineup of Seven Storey Mountain disbanded in 1998. Lammers formed a new band, which he abbreviated Seven Storey, in 2001. The new lineup, featuring Dave Norwood on bass and Chad Kinney on drums, released Dividing By Zero on Deep Elm in 2002.[7] The band began a national tour with Local H and Injected in November 2001.[8] Seven Storey disbanded shortly thereafter. A handful of leftover demo tracks that Lammers recorded on his own were released on a split EP with Brandtson and Camber in 2003.

Lammers continued working on new material over the next couple of years and re-adopted the original Seven Storey Mountain moniker for a 2007 album, At the Poles, released on Thick Records. The album was recorded and performed solely by Lammers, and drew comparisons to Frodus and Fugazi.[9][10] A new live band played shows from 2005-2007 that featured Rich Van Syckel on bass and Dave King on drums.

May 2015 saw the release of the 7 song EP "A La Mierda". Like "At The Poles" this album was written, performed and recorded by Lammers, this time at Fidelity Unlimited Recording in Portland, OR.




  • Lance Lammers - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums (1994–1997, 1997–present)[1]
  • Rich Van Syckel - Bass (2005–2007, live only)
  • Dave King - Drums (2005–2007, live only)
  • Dave Norwood - Bass (2001)[1]
  • Chad Kinney - Drums (2001)[1]
  • Aaron Wendt - Bass (1997–1998, live only)[3]
  • Thomas Lanser - Drums (1994–1997, 1997–1998)[2]
  • Jesse Everhart - Bass (1994–1997, 1997–1998)[2]


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