Seven Years: 1998–2005

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Seven Years: 1998–2005
ATB Seven Years.jpg
Compilation album by
Recorded1998 — 2005
GenreDance, trance
LabelKontor (Germany)
Radikal (U.S.)
ATB chronology
No Silence
Seven Years: 1998–2005
Singles from Seven Years 1998-2005
  1. "Believe in Me"
    Released: May 2005
  2. "Humanity"
    Released: August 2005
  3. "Let U Go (2005 Reworked)"
    Released: December 2005

Seven Years: 1998–2005 is a compilation album released by German DJ André "ATB" Tanneberger, in 2005. It contains all singles of ATB and six new tracks.

Three of the new tracks were released as singles: "Humanity" with vocals by Tiff Lacey, a reworked version of "Let U Go" with vocals by Jan Löchel and "Believe in Me" with Löchel on guitar and vocals. There is also a bonus DVD which includes all videos, a film documenting the "Making of I Don't Wanna Stop" and interviews.

Track listing[edit]

Seven Years: 1998–2005 – Standard edition
1."Humanity" (feat. Tiff Lacey)André Tanneberger, Tiff Lacey4:23
2."Let U Go (2005 Reworked)" (feat. Jan Löchel)Tanneberger, Ken Harrison4:22
3."Believe in Me" (feat. Jan Löchel)Tanneberger, Jan Löchel3:14
4."Trilogie (Part 2)"Tanneberger4:09
5."Take Me Over" (feat. Nicole McKenna)Tanneberger, Nicole McKenna, Saul Zonana4:11
6."Far Beyond"Tanneberger, RuDee, Woody van Eyden3:14
7."Here with Me" (feat. Tiff Lacey)Tanneberger, Bruce Elliott-Smith, Phil Larsen3:36
8."Ecstasy" (feat. Tiff Lacey)Tanneberger, Elliott-Smith, Larsen4:34
9."Marrakech" (feat. Tiff Lacey)Tanneberger, Elliott-Smith, Larsen3:43
10."In Love with the DJ" (feat. Roberta Carter Harrison)Tanneberger, Harrison3:38
11."Long Way Home" (feat. Roberta Carter Harrison)Tanneberger, Harrison3:58
12."I Don't Wanna Stop" (feat. Roberta Carter Harrison)Tanneberger, Harrison3:32
13."You're Not Alone" (feat. Roberta Carter Harrison)Tim Kellett, Robin Taylor-Firth3:28
14."Hold You" (feat. Roberta Carter Harrison)Tanneberger, Harrison3:31
15."Let U Go" (feat. Roberta Carter Harrison)Tanneberger, Harrison3:25
16."The Fields of Love"Tanneberger3:41
17."The Summer"Tanneberger3:47
18."Killer" (feat. Drue Williams)Tinley, Seal4:01
19."Don't Stop!" (feat. Yolanda Rivera)Tanneberger3:47
20."9 pm ('Till I Come)" (feat. Yolanda Rivera)Tanneberger3:19

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