Seven Years of Highly Defective People

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Seven Years of Highly Defective People, is a book by Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams which explains the origins and evolution of many of the Dilbert characters, and Adams includes comments under each comic strip reprinted in the book. In his introduction, Adams says, "Some of the notes are fascinating insights into the world of cartooning. Other notes are interesting only for their poor grammar and spelling, thus proving that you can be a moron and still have a successful career as a cartoonist." The book went to number three on The New York Times Business Best Sellers List for paperbacks.


  1. Dilbert
  2. ... at Home with Dogbert
  3. ... and Technology
  4. ... in the Business World
  5. ... and Women
  6. ... and His Ego
  7. ... Dies
  8. ... Travels
  9. ... Attempts to Join the Consumer Society
  10. Dogbert
  11. ... the Early, Vulnerable Days
  12. ... Reveals His Sarcasm
  13. ... the Many Occupations
  14. ... Schemes to Conquer the World
  15. ... Saving Dilbert
  16. Ratbert
  17. Garbageman
  18. Liz
  19. Mom and Dad
  20. Bob the Dinosaur
  21. Catbert
  22. Phil
  23. Asok
  24. Tina the Tech Writer
  25. Elbonians
  26. The Boss
  27. Alice
  28. Wally
  29. ...and Hygiene Issues
  30. Carol
  31. Critters
  32. Dogbert in Hats
  33. Ted the Generic Guy
  34. Slapstick


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