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Seven minutes in heaven is a teenagers' party game first recorded as being played in Cincinnati in the early 1950s.[1] Two people are selected to go into a closet or other dark enclosed space and do whatever they like for seven minutes. It is common for the participants to kiss, make out, have sex, etc., but participants may instead choose to talk, engage in some other (usually quiet) activity, or simply do nothing at all and wait for the time to expire. The participants can be selected by various methods, such as spinning a bottle, or drawing lots.

In popular culture[edit]

  • In the movie Teen Wolf, Scott Howard and Lisa "Boof" Marconi are selected to go in a closet in a version of 7 Minutes in Heaven.
  • In the movie 13 Going on 30, 13-year old Jenna Rink waits in a closet to play the game, but her supposed friends prank her with the wrong boy. Upset, she makes the wish to be 30.
  • At the beginning of Good Luck Chuck, the titular character rejects a goth girl when playing the game. Humiliated, she puts a curse on him, kicking off the plot.
  • In Everything Sucks! Season 1, Episode 4 ("Romeo & Juliet in Space"), the four main characters (McQuaid, Tyler, Luke, and Kate) indulge in the game with the members of the drama club.
  • In King of the Hill Season 7, Episode 1 ("Get Your Freak Off"), Bobby Hill is forced to play the game with a girl from his school. Bobby and the girl sit in the closet and talk (getting to know each other in the process), followed by the girl starting to unbutton his shirt, until Hank Hill (Bobby's father) pulls open the door and stops them.
  • In Paris Hilton's My New BFF Season 1, Episode 5 ("You Gotta Have Class"), the contestants play seven minutes in heaven with rapper Dirt Nasty in a closet as a challenge to test their discretion.


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