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Seventh Dagger Records
Founded 2001
Genre Hardcore
Country of origin USA
Official website

Seventh Dagger Records is a straight edge independent record label releasing largely, but not solely, hardcore and metalcore albums. It was founded in 2001 and based in Creedmoor, North Carolina.

Originally formed as a clothing company, Seventh Dagger became well known for their straight edge apparel and "Kill Your Local Drug Dealer" shirts. Rhinoceros discusses these shirts in their April 2008 interview with Revolver Magazine.[1]

Seventh Dagger Fest[edit]

The first annual Seventh Dagger Fest was held on May 24 and 25 2008 and was held at The Mad Hatter in Covington, KY. The two-day event featured Seventh Dagger bands such as Rhinoceros, Eyes To The Sky, xTyrantx, xAFBx, Birth Of A Hero and The World We Knew as well as other well-known straight edge bands like Thick As Blood and Suicide Pact.[2]


In September 2007 Seventh Dagger had officially inked a deal with East West via Warner Bros Distribution. This deal spanned both physical and digital distribution.[3] Seventh Dagger later dropped this deal[4] releasing the following statement...

"Why would we end that is what you would probably ask? The answer is simple, Seventh Dagger is something I have worked on for the last almost 7 years and I saw this deal being the end of the label as it was and is. I saw this as trading the underground status and soul of the label for the potential to sell more CDs and let's face it if I was here to make money I would have left a long time ago. Being a straight edge, hardcore record label is the epitome of being underground or cult and the truth of the matter is that is where we should be. Straight edge is not for the masses and it never will be, so as I see it we might have made a minor buzz for a minute then the world would move on and not give a shit and we would have been tied to some corporate distribution that I am sure could [sic] have cared less about us."[5]

Seventh Dagger currently distributes through several well-known distributors, including but not limited to Hot Topic,, Very Distribution,,, and via their own website


  • Blade
  • Blackout Rage
  • The Dead Man's Chest
  • Domestic War
  • Eyes To The Sky
  • Ghost Ship
  • One X Choice
  • Parasitic Skies
  • xRepresentx
  • Search Bloc
  • No X Zodiac

Past Artists[edit]

  • Barcadia
  • xAFBx
  • Awaken Demons
  • Birth Of A Hero
  • xBishopx
  • Cherem
  • Conqueror
  • xCool Your Jetsx
  • Earth Crisis
  • In This Defiance
  • The Miles Between
  • No Zodiac
  • Prayer For Cleansing
  • Rhinoceros
  • xThe Warx
  • xTyrantx
  • The World We Knew
  • The Wrath

Seventh Dagger Staff[edit]

  • Danny Sober - Owner
  • Lauren Hart - Mailorder
  • Ryan Baxter - Webmaster/Graphic Designer
  • Garrett Scales - Graphic Designer
  • Justin Edge - Graphic Designer
  • Jeremy Saffer - Photographer
  • Ryan Watlington - Street Team

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