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The Seventh Doctor comic stories is a wide range of comic strip adventures featuring the seventh incarnation of the Doctor, the Time Lord protagonist of the hit sci-fi series, Doctor Who.


Doctor Who Magazine's Seventh Doctor comic stories began shortly after the broadcast of the Seventh Doctor's first televised story, Time and the Rani. While the cancellation of the television series in 1989 was undoubtedly bad news for Sylvester McCoy's longevity in the role, it was an unexpected boon to the Seventh Doctor's comic life. With no new Doctor on the horizon, the Seventh Doctor lived on in the pages of DWM for years after the transmission of his final televised adventure.

In fact, the Seventh Doctor became the first incarnation of the Doctor to be in two regular comic publications simultaneously. Pre-figuring the Tenth Doctor's later "double-duty" in DWM and Doctor Who Adventures, the Seventh Doctor was, briefly, in both DWM and The Incredible Hulk Presents, another Marvel publication.

Several different approaches were taken by DWM during this era. At first, they told stories which had no obvious connection to the television series. Frobisher briefly ushered in the new Doctor's era, before scampering off. The Doctor then travelled around either on his own or with one-off companions.

After the television series ended, and the Virgin New Adventures series began, there was an effort to try to fit the comic stories into the novels' continuity. This period, though, came to a definitive end when DWM killed off Ace in Ground Zero — an act which deliberately returned DWM to its own, separate continuity.

By this stage, however, DWM had taken the editorial decision to consider the Seventh Doctor as a "past" incarnation. They began to use the comic space to tell stories of the other incarnations, which gave modern artists and writers the chance to feature Doctors and companions who hadn't really been a part of the DWM strip before. Thus, though the Seventh Doctor had a much longer reign in comics than television, it was a few years shorter than the gap between Survival and McGann's televised outing.

Comic stories[edit]

Doctor Who Magazine[edit]

# Title Featuring Writer Release Date
1 "A Cold Day in Hell" Frobisher and Olla, and Ice Warriors Simon Furman November 1987 - February 1988
2 "Redemption!" Olla Simon Furman March 1988
3 "The Crossroads of Time" TBA Simon Furman April 1988
4 "Claws of the Klathi" TBA Mike Collins May - July 1988
5 "Culture Shock" TBA Grant Morrison August 1988
6 "Keepsake" TBA Simon Furman September 1988
7 "Planet of the Dead" Adric, Sara Kingdom, Jamie McCrimmon, Katrina and Frobisher John Freeman October - November 1988
8 "Echoes of the Mogor" Commander Hurd Dan Abnett December 1988 - January 1989
9 "Time and Tide" TBA Richard Alan & John Carnell February - March 1989
10 "Follow That TARDIS" The Meddling Monk John Carnell April 1989
11 "Invaders From Gantac" Alex Trench Alan Grant May - July 1989
12 "Nemesis of the Daleks" The Daleks Steve Alan September - December 1989
13 "Stairway to Heaven" TBA John Freeman January 1990
14 "Train-Flight" Sarah Jane Smith Graham S. Brand & Andrew Donkin April - June 1990
15 "Doctor Conkerer" TBA Ian Rimmer July 1990
16 "Fellow Travellers" Ace Andrew Cartmel 8 September - 31 October 1990
17 "Distractions" Ace Dan Abnett December 1990
18 "The Mark of Mandragora" Ace and UNIT Dan Abnett January - April 1991
19 "Party Animals" Ace and Dr Ivan Asimoff, and the Sixth Doctor Gary Russell May 1991
20 "The Chameleon Factor" Ace Paul Cornell June 1991
21 "Seaside Rendezvous" Ace Paul Cornell June 1991
22 "The Good Soldier" Ace and the Cybermen Andrew Cartmel July - October 1991
23 "A Glitch in Time" Ace John Freeman October 1991
24 "The Grief" Ace Dan Abnett April - June 1992
25 "Ravens" Christine Jenkins Alan Cartmel July - September 1992
26 "Memorial" Ace Warwick Gray October 1992
27 "Cat Litter" Ace Marc Platt October 1992
28 "Flashback" Bernice Summerfield and The Master Warwick Gray November 1992
29 "Pureblood" Bernice and the Sontarans Dan Abnett November 1992 - February 1993
30 "Emperor of the Daleks" Peri Brown, and Davros and the Daleks Paul Cornell March - August 1993
31 "Final Genesis" Ace and the Brigadier, and Silurians and Sea Devils Warwick Gray September - December 1993
32 "Time and Time Again" Ace, Bernice, Daleks and the past six Doctors Paul Cornell December 1993
33 "Cuckoo" Ace and Bernice Dan Abnett January - March 1994
34 "Uninvited Guests" The Eternals Warwick Gray April 1994
35 "Plastic Millenium" Melanie Bush, and the Autons Gareth Roberts October 1994
36 "Ground Zero" Ace, Sarah Jane Smith, Peri Brown & Susan Foreman Scott Gray May - August 1996
37 "The Last Word" Ace and Bernice Gareth Roberts June 2001

The Incredible Hulk Presents[edit]

# Title Featuring Writer Release Date
1 "Once in a Lifetime" TBA John Freeman 7 October 1989
2 "Hungers from the End of Time" Commander Lumsden Dan Abnett 14 - 21 October 1989
3 "War World" Commander Deldran John Freeman 28 October 1989
4 "Technical Hitch" Admiral Vayle Dan Abnett 4 November 1989
5 "A Switch in Time" Thyron John Freeman 11 November 1989
6 "The Sentinel" Seneschal John Tomlinson 18 November 1989
7 "Who's That Girl?" Prince Luj Simon Furman 25 November - 2 December 1989
8 "The Enlightenment of Ly-Chee The Wise" TBA Simon Jowett 9 December 1989
9 "Slimmer" TBA Mike Collins & Tim Robins 16 December 1989
10 "Nineveh" Time Lords John Tomlinson 23 December 1989

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