Seventh of Adar

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On the Jewish calendar, the seventh day of the month of Adar marks the traditional date of the death of Moses. It is also the date of his birth, 120 years earlier. It is believed that Moses was born in Adar I and died in Adar II.

Traditional practices[edit]

The pious Jew will fast on the seventh of Adar. A special tikkun (prayer) is added prior to services. Jewish burial societies often meet on the seventh of Adar.

Practices in Israel[edit]

The Bible, in Deuteronomy 34:6, says that no one knows the exact burial place of Moses, "even to this day". From this idea, the Israel Defense Forces have designated this day in remembrance of those soldiers who have fallen in war, though their bodies have not been found or identified. On Mount Herzl, there is a wall with the names of 588 fallen soldiers who died in Israel with unknown grave sites.