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City and former municipality
Flag of Sevenum
Coat of arms of Sevenum
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 51°25′N 6°02′E / 51.417°N 6.033°E / 51.417; 6.033
Country Netherlands
Province Limburg
Municipality Horst aan de Maas
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
The centre of Sevenum. About this sound Hear the church bells ringing. 

Sevenum (About this sound pronunciation ) (Limburgish: Zaerem) is a town in the province Limburg in the southeastern Netherlands. Until 2010, it was also the name of the municipality comprising the towns of Sevenum, Kronenberg and Evertsoord.


Sevenum's neighbour towns are (clockwise, starting from East): Blerick, Venlo, Maasbree, Kronenberg, Grubbenvorst, Hegelsom, Horst, Grubbenvorst.

Sevenum-town and Kronenberg are tangented by highway E34, provincial road N277 (Middenpeelweg), and the railroad track Eindhoven-Venlo; Evertsoord lies on the edge of the Peel, a former peatland.


Sevenum's dialect, "Zaerums", is transitional between Limburgish, North-Limburgish (see Low Rhenish), and Brabantian. Different groupings of dialects exist; in the diagram "Kleverlandish" on this page, Sevenum is situated near the bottom-left corner of the blue area, which is the intersection of the horizontal "ich/ik" isogloss (the Uerdingen line) with the vertical "kalt/koud" isogloss.

The overview of town names in Limburgish at [1] lists "Zaerum" (Sevenum) and "De Kroeënenberg" (Kronenberg), but it doesn't include "De Pieël" (Evertsoord), considering it to be in the North-Limburgish area.


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Coordinates: 51°25′N 6°02′E / 51.417°N 6.033°E / 51.417; 6.033