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Visma Solutions
joint stock company
Founded2012Lappeenranta, Finland
Productsbusiness software, SaaS, PSA, E-accounting

Visma Solutions is a Finnish joint stock company, which offers SaaS business software for companies. The company provides professional services automation software Visma Severa and ValueFrame, E-accounting software Visma Netvisor, budgeting and forecasting software Visma Navita, e-invoicing service Maventa and online signature service Visma Sign. Visma Solutions is part of the Visma group.[1]


Visma Solutions was founded in the end of year 2012, when former joint stock company called Netvisor was named as Visma Solutions. Netvisor was founded by Markku Nylund, while he studied at Lappeenranta University of Technology. In 2000 Netvisor was merged with Bittivisio and the first version of the software was launched in 2002. [2] A couple of years later Cap Gemini Ernst & Young bought Bittivisio, but sold Netvisor’s business already in 2005 to Solanum Networks Economic Administration. [3] [4] Since then Netvisor was operating as a joint owned company and was responsible for marketing and R&D activities of the software.[2] From 2011 on Netvisor has been part of Visma group and in the end of 2012 the company’s name was changed to Visma Solutions. [5] [6]

Visma Severa was founded in 2004 by Ari-Pekka Salovaara and Jari Kärkkäinen, who were studying at Lappeenranta University of Technology at the time. [7] In 2010 company was acquired by Visma and from 2013 on has been part of Visma Solutions. [6]

Company has been granted with various accolades:

  • Ruban d’Honneur The Infosys Business of the Year Award 2013/14 [8]
  • 7th Place in Great Place to Work Finland 2014
  • 12th Place in Great Place to Work Finland 2015
  • 13th Place in the Great Place to Work Finland 2016
  • 4th Place in the Great Place to Work Finland 2017[9]

Visma Severa[edit]

Visma Severa PSA software, which is optimized for organizations such as PR, advertising, design, IT, engineering, law, architecture and accounting firms. [10] Visma Severa is used by 700 professional companies worldwide. The main markets are Finland, Sweden and Norway. [11]

Visma Netvisor[edit]

Visma Netvisor is e-accounting software, which is used by over 20 000 companies. The software has been developed over 10 years and it is one of the pioneers in the field of e-accounting and SaaS software.[1] Netvisor has been rewarded multiple times. For example, in 2005 Netvisor’s eAccounting service was nominated as world’s best online service for banks and in 2010 Netvisor was among the ten fastest growing technology companies in Finland.[12] [13]

Visma Navita[edit]

Visma Navita is a cloud-based service for budgeting, forecasting, reporting and business management. The data used in Navita is based on real-time figures which are updated directly from accounting or other management systems. [14]


Maventa is the most popular e-invoicing service in the Nordics with over 150 000 users. Maventa can be connected into existing ERP-system or used as a separate internet based software. [15]


ValueFrame is a PSA software suited for architects, advertising and communication agencies and consultants. [16]

Visma Sign[edit]

Visma Sign is a legally binding online signature service. Visma Sign can be integrated to online forms for immediate signing, or used to send signing invitations via email and text messages. [17]


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