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For the shipyard in the Ukraine formerly known as Zhdanov Shipyard, see Mariupol Shipyard.
The busy Saint Petersburg docks at dawn

Severnaya Verf (Northern Shipyard) is a shipyard in Saint Petersburg, Russia and a major shipyard producing both naval and civilian ships. It was originally founded for exclusive military shipbuilding.

The shipyard was formerly known as Soviet Shipyard No. 190,[1] and between 1935–1989 as Zhdanov Shipyard.

The priority market for Severnaya shipyard is military export to Asian countries as India, China and Vietnam.


The shipyard was originally established in the early 1900s as the Severnaya Verf (Severny shipyard) which is part of the Severnaya Verf Production Association. This association also includes an electrodes factory with a capacity of 20,000 tons annually and a furniture factory.[1]

The stamp issued to commemorate the centenary of Severnaya Verf. Russian Post, 2012.

Under the name Zhdanov Shipyard, various classes of destroyers and ASW frigates were built here to include:

Facilities and Services[edit]

As of 1998, the shipyard includes:[1]

  • four slips in covered-in-births with the capacity to construct vessels with a maximum length of 170 meters (560 ft) and width of up to 20.5 meters (67 ft). Slipways are equipped with cranes with a lifting capacity of 50 tons;
  • four open-air slipways with the capacity to construct vessels with a maximum length of 170 meters (560 ft) and width of 24 meters (79 ft), and are equipped with cranes with a lifting capacity from 30 to 100 tons;
  • launch-hoisting facilities with floating dock that has a lifting capacity of 10,000 tons and a transborder, which is able to launch and hoist vessels from and to any slipway.

Notable Classes and Vessels[edit]

Notable Classes and Vessels
Name Built Quantity Type
Skoryy class 1949-1953 16 Destroyer
Kotlin class 1955-1958 12 Destroyer
Kanin class 1958-1961 4 Destroyer
Kashin class 1963-1966 5 Destroyer
Krivak class 1969-1990 6 Frigate
Sovremenny class 1976-2006 21 Destroyer
Udaloy class 1977-1999 4 Destroyer
Steregushchy class 2001-present 4 (completed) (2 more under construction) Corvette
Admiral Gorshkov class 2006-present 1 (completed), 2 (under construction), 20 (planned) Frigate
Gremyashchy class 2012-present 2 (under construction) Corvette

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