Severus II bar Masqeh

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Severus II bar Masqeh
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All the East
Church Syriac Orthodox Church
See Antioch
Installed 668
Term ended 681
Predecessor Theodore
Successor Athanasius II Baldoyo
Personal details
Died 681

Severus II bar Masqeh[note 1] (Syriac: ܣܘܝܪܐ ܕܬܪܝܢ, Arabic: البطريرك ساويرا الثان) was the Patriarch of Antioch, and head of the Syriac Orthodox Church from 668 until his death in 681.[1]


Severus studied at the Monastery of Ouspholis, near Resh Ayna,[2] and was consecrated Patriarch of Antioch in 668.[1] In 669, Severus consecrated Bar Easo as Maphrian of the East.[3] During his tenure as patriarch, Severus pursued a policy of centralised authority within the church.[4] Severus openly allied himself with Caliph Muawiyah I and utilised this alliance to forcibly impose his policies.[5] This led to a dispute over the rights of archbishops,[6] ecclesiastical jurisdiction,[7] and ordination rights.[8] Eventually a schism developed between the patriarch and a faction led by Sergius Zkhunoyo and Gabriel of Rish'ayno, with the support of the Monasteries of St. Matthew and of Qartmin,[5] who disputed Severus' policies.[6] This faction was largely dominated by monks, as opposed to laymen and clergymen.[7]

The schism endured for the remainder of his tenure as patriarch, and, in 681, Severus authorised John, Archbishop of the Monastery of St. Matthew, and bishops Joseph and Sergius, to negotiate with the schismatics. He died later that year.[1]


  1. ^ Also spelt as bar Mashqa, bar Mashqe, or bar Mashqo


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Preceded by
Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch
Succeeded by
Athanasius II Baldoyo