Seweryn Franciszek Światopełk-Czetwertyński

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Seweryn Franciszek Światopełk-Czetwertyński
A woman with short black hair arranged in curls is wearing a yellow dress. She is seated with one hand resting on a dog's head, the other holding a pair of glasses.
Coat of armsPogoń Ruska
Born18 April 1873
Died19 June 1945(1945-06-19) (aged 72)
WifeZofia Barbara Przeździecka h. Pierzchała
FatherWłodzimierz Ludwik Stanisław Światopełk-Czetwertyński
MotherMaria Wanda Felicja Urska h. Sas

Prince Seweryn Franciszek Światopełk-Czetwertyński (Polish pronunciation: [sɛˈvɛrɨn franˈt͡ɕiʂɛk ɕfjaˈtɔpɛwk t͡ʂɛtvɛrˈtɨɲskʲi]; b. 18 April 1873 in Warsaw – 19 June 1945 in Edinburgh, Scotland) was a Polish landowner and politician. He belonged to a cadet branch of the Czetwertyński family, historically one of the princely houses of Poland and Lithuania.[1]

As a student in Riga, he studied at the Riga Technical University and was a member of the Polish student fraternity Arkonia.

He went on to become a member of the Russian Duma in 1906 and the Sejm from 1919 until 1935. During World War II, he was a prisoner of Nazi Germany, and was interned at both the Buchenwald and Auschwitz concentration camps.

Married to Zofia Przeździecka, their son Wlodzimierz (1907-1965) and elder grandchildren were born in Poland, but during World War II, they fled to Britain, eventually taking up residence in North America.[1]


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