Sewn Together

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Sewn Together
Sewn Together.jpg
Studio album by Meat Puppets
Released May 12, 2009
Recorded 2009 at the Saltmine, Phoenix, Arizona
Genre Alternative rock
Length 48:52
Label Megaforce Records
Producer Curt Kirkwood
Meat Puppets chronology
Rise to Your Knees
Sewn Together

Sewn Together is the Meat Puppets' twelfth full-length studio album, released on May 12, 2009, both on CD and vinyl.[1] It was the follow-up to their 2007 reunion album Rise to Your Knees.

Album information[edit]

Curt Kirkwood commented in an interview that the album was put together over a short period of time, comparing its production to the group's earlier albums. He said, "In the '80s, we used to just crap this stuff out. Those SST records cost, like, five grand apiece, if that much, and those are the records that made people like us. Now, if I can get away with it, I'll make a record as cheap as I can and put as little work as I can into it, which is what we did with this one. I don't like putting a lot of time into it. We cut a track, and if we've played it halfway right, we're done with it".[2]


On review aggregation site Metacritic, Sewn Together has a 71 (out of 100) favorable rating based on 14 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[3]

The Boston Globe said:

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Pitchfork Media (6.1/10) link
Q 4/5 stars Aug. 2009, pg. 109
Spin Magazine 3.5/5 stars link

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sewn Together" - 3:07
  2. "Blanket of Weeds" - 5:14
  3. "I'm Not You" - 4:27
  4. "Sapphire" - 4:00
  5. "Rotten Shame" - 5:19
  6. "Go to Your Head" - 3:44
  7. "Clone" - 4:37
  8. "Smoke" - 3:16
  9. "S.K.A." - 3:47
  10. "Nursery Rhyme" - 4:28
  11. "The Monkey and the Snake" - 3:09
  12. "Love Mountain" - 3:44