Sewu, Tibet

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Sewu is located in Tibet
Location within Tibet
Coordinates: 32°28′1″N 89°49′58″E / 32.46694°N 89.83278°E / 32.46694; 89.83278Coordinates: 32°28′1″N 89°49′58″E / 32.46694°N 89.83278°E / 32.46694; 89.83278
Country China
Region Tibet
Prefecture Nagqu Prefecture
County Amdo County
 • Total 5,647 km2 (2,180 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 • Total 1,000
 • Major Nationalities Tibetan
 • Regional dialect Tibetan language
Time zone +8

Sewu, Sêwa or Sewuxiang (Chinese: 色务乡) is a village and township-level division of Amdo County in the Nagqu Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region, in China. It lies near Qixiang Lake.[1] The township covers an area of 5,647 kilometres (3,509 mi) and in 2004 it had a population of about 1,000.[2] The principal economic activity is animal husbandry, pastoral yak, goat, sheep, and so on.[3]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township-level division contains the following villages:[2]

  • Meijiegang Village (美接岗村)
  • Sangguo Village (桑果村)
  • Bamu Luozong Village (巴姆罗宗村)
  • Mamao Xuna Village (玛毛许那村)

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