Sex & Fury

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Sex & Fury
Sex and Fury poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Norifumi Suzuki
Produced by Kanji Amao
Written by Tarō Bonten
Masahiro Kakefuda
Norifumi Suzuki
Starring Reiko Ike
Akemi Negishi
Music by Ichirō Araki
Cinematography Motoya Washyo
Edited by Isamu Ichida
Distributed by Toei Company
Release date
  • February 17, 1973 (1973-02-17)
Running time
88 min.
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Sex & Fury, translated Story of Delinquent Female Boss: o-Chō Inoshika (不良姐御伝 猪の鹿お蝶, Furyō anego den: Inoshika o-Chō), is a 1973 Japanese action-thriller film directed by Norifumi Suzuki and starring Reiko Ike.

It was followed by Female Yakuza Tale: Inquisition and Torture in the same year.


The film tells the story of a female petty criminal, played by Reiko Ike, who becomes involved in international intrigue while searching for the sister of a man she saw murdered in a gambling den, as well as the gangsters responsible for murdering her father during her childhood.



According to Christina Lindberg, while on a plane to Stockholm, she was approached by two Japanese men who asked her if she would be interested in working in Japan. Her reply was "why not" and soon afterwards she was in Japan working for Toei. She spent two and a half months in Japan, appearing in Sex and Fury and later in a larger role in Sadao Nakajima's 1973 film, Porno Queen: Japan Sex Tour.[1]


The Region 1 DVD cover to Sex & Fury

The film was made available for U.S. audiences when Panic House released it on region 1 DVD on September 27, 2005. [2]


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