Sex in Court

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Sex In Court
Genre Factual/Entertainment
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 7
Location(s) London
Running time Approximately 30 minutes
Original network E4
Original release 29 March – 10 May 2007
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Sex In Court is a British factual entertainment series which premiered on E4 on 29 March 2007.

It takes a look at bedroom politics within modern relationships. The pilot features mother of two Rachel, who brings her husband Guy to court over a clash of lovemaking styles. Each episode sees people put on trial by their partner, or ex-partner. In a formal, court-like atmosphere, each party will be thoroughly cross-examined by a judge. Due to its nature E4 aired this programme after the watershed. The theme of the programme is very similar to Playboy TV's Sex Court.

Episode guide[edit]

Episode 1: 29 March 2007[edit]

  • Rachel v Guy - Guy is obsessed with anal sex. - Guilty
    • Sentence: Anal sex banned for a month and lubricant must be used.
  • Joanna v Ashley - Ashley has been secretly filming himself and Joanna having sex and showing this video to his mates.. - Guilty
    • Sentence: Deletion of video and Ashley must ask for consent if he wishes to do it again.

Episode 2: 5 April 2007[edit]

  • Whinnie v Themba - Whinnie is accused of unfair denial of cunnilingus. - Not Guilty
    • Sentence: Themba must never pressure Whinnie into performing cunnilingus, and Whinnie was given some aids to help her explore her own body.
  • Marco v Anna - Marco watches porn while having sex with Anna and he refuses to let her watch too.. - Guilty
    • Sentence: Banning of pornography while having sex until Anna is ready to reintroduce it, and she must take part.

Episode 3: 12 April 2007[edit]

  • Ilian v Louisa - Unfair refusal to reciprocate oral sex. - Guilty
    • Sentence: Louisa is sent on fellatio course.
  • Lauren v Ian - Ian makes non-stop demands for early morning sex. - Guilty
    • Sentence: Ban on morning sex and Ian most not wake Lauren if he decides to wake up to stop himself from wanting sex.

Episode 4: 19 April 2007[edit]

  • Lee v Keeley - Unreasonable refusal to dress up for sex. - Guilty
    • Sentence: She must make Lee's fantasy come true.
  • Nathan v Emmy - Unreasonable refusal to allow semen on body and face. - Not Guilty
    • Sentence: Nathan must abide by Emmy's rules.

Episode 5: 26 April 2007[edit]

  • Liddy v Bobby - Rebuffal of sexual advances. - Not Guilty
    • Sentence: They are rewarded with a night at a hotel, away from Bobby's parents house.
  • Laura v Chris - Excessive demands for sex. - Not Guilty
    • Sentence: They must come to some sort of compromise.

Episode 6: 3 May 2007[edit]

  • Jenny v Matt - Unfair refusal to indulge in sexual fantasy. - Not Guilty
    • Sentence: None.
  • Greg v Lucy - Inconsiderate possession and use of vibrator. - Not Guilty
    • Sentence: None.

Episode 7: 10 May 2007[edit]

  • Joanne v Nick - Treating sex as a joke. - Guilty
    • Sentence: Jokes must be stopped and Nick sent on a sex course so he can satisfy Joanne for longer.
  • Dawn v Dave - Unfair withholding of dominant bedroom behaviour. - Not Guilty
    • Sentence: None.